NYC – put a little “free” into your visit to NYC

In NYC there is always something to do. As a visitor, you want to see all the major attractions and there are certainly plenty of them.

Surprisingly, there are often events going on close to one of these locations that are fun and free. But how to find out about them requires a little pre-planning.

Sometimes, it is nice to find another feature of NYC – where they have things that are not normally seen by the general public and rarely seen at an auction. A good example is his signed baseball from Sotheby’s

At the end I will list a few web sites where you can find out what exhibits are current. All you will need to know is the date of your visit and what places in the city you  will be visiting.. See you later with additional free things!

Note: Most buildings have doormen and if not used to them, they can be intimidating but fear not, they are usually very friendly! Once inside just ask what exhibitions are open and where to find them Now you are on your own, free to roam and look at whatever you want to.  Make a note to visit the bathrooms before leaving.

Here are a few examples of what I found just a few days ago at an AUCTION HOUSE – Sports memorabilia

Sotheby’s on east 72nd and York Ave

A unique baseball signed by Babe Ruth that a young fan had later signed by Jackie Robinson is up for auction.
Courtesy Sotheby’s
The cap Alex Rodriguez won the 2009 World Series with is being auctioned off.
Last game shirt worn 1997
This stick  has been traced back to Gretzky’s final NHL game
FILE – In this Oct. 1, 1975, file photo, heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali connects with a right to challenger Joe Frazier . It was, Muhammad Ali would later say, the closest thing to death he had ever known.
Roger Federer French Open racket

Note: The displays are not permanent and change based on auction dates.

 Auction Houses

Most are closed on Sundays and holidays This is just a few of them.

Heritage Auctions

3.8(49) · Auction house

445 Park Ave · In Park Avenue Property

 ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon · (212) 486-3500

Browse and Find coins, comics, currency, art, luxury handbags, sports memorabilia, wine, historical items, books, real estate, and more at Heritage …




3.0(20) · Auction house

580 Madison Ave

⋅ Opens 9AM Mon · (212) 644-9001

One of my preferred auction house among the three known ones in NYC.”

Browse Bonhams’ auction calendar and explore upcoming auctions at our global .





4.6(106) · Auction house

432 Park Ave

 ⋅ Opens 12PM Sun · (212) 940-1200

Phillips is the leading auction house for art, design, watches and more



Christie’s New York

4.5(355) · Auction house

20 Rockefeller Plaza ·Easy as it is located in  Rockefeller Center

 ⋅ Opens 1PM Sun · (212) 636-2000

One of my preferred auction house among the three known ones in NYC.”


“An experience everyone should indulge in while visiting NYC!”


Sotheby’s New York Way on east side

4.4(270) · Auction house

1334 York Ave

 ⋅ Opens 1PM Sun · (212) 606-7000

One of my preferred auction house among the three known ones in NYC.”

Sotheby’s is the premier auction destination for fine art & luxury objects.



Coming to NYC?… then add a parade!

Today, I enjoyed watching the Greek Independence Day Parade. After a two-year pandemic hiatus, it was held and proudly marched up Fifth Avenue again on Sunday. They have done this every year since 1938.Every year since 1938, The parade, marks Greece’s 1821 declaration of independence from the Ottoman Empire.

As I was watching and enjoying all the activity, I began thinking of how great, for all of us, to enjoy several parades. They don’t happen often in many c communities but in NYC we have parades for a vast number of cultures as well as celebrating important cultural milestones.

I enjoy seeing the costumes and listening to the music – often, some of which I have never seen before So, maybe you might enjoy a parade maybe add one to your visit.

I have posted a link to the yearly calendar for nyc parades.

NYC Art and Color with Public Space

Among the 4000 square feet of new artwork placed around the city, will be the Outdoor “public Art. This month, including the following months, areas of the city bloom with color through Public Displays and the talents of many artists Take a look at just a few of them

Hippo Ballerina,
located at Pershing Square Plaza West across from Grand Central Terminal. Through December 22 Not new to the city but we love when she returns
This display will be of interest to those who visit New York City’s contemporary flower show
inviting residents of all ages to come together and celebrate the renewal of New York City in the face of unprecedented circumstances
Black Atlantic” is at Brooklyn Bridge Park will bring together new sculptures
 by artists Leilah Babirye, Hugh Hayden, Dozie Kanu, Tau Lewis, and Kiyan Williams. The artworks are inspired by the diaspora across the Atlantic Ocean that connects Africa with the Americas and Europe and focuses on the complex hybrid identities that have developed through the exchange of culture and ideas over centuries along transatlantic network
In Plain Sight 
From June 10-12, In Plain Sight—an immersive animal-themed public art exhibition—will be on display in Greenwich Village along 8th Avenue from Astor Place to the Ruth Wittenberg Triangle. As the name suggests, each animal piece is hidden “in plain sight” throughout abandoned storefronts, shops, restaurants, and the street.
El Toro Del Oro 
 El Toro Del Oro will be exhibited in the Meatpacking District in front of the Gansevoort Hotel. Though Labor day.
Art on the Ave 
 Creating Tomorrow, features the work of 22 artists across six generously donated vacant storefronts on the Upper West Side. Located on Columbus Avenue between 68th and 84th Streets, Through July 1

“You Know Who I Am”
 If you’re planning on walking the High Line in the upcoming months, don’t miss a new large-scale bronze replica of our very own Statue of Liberty wearing a cartoonish mask. It’s taken up residence inside the public park at 16th Street. “You know who I am” is the work of artist Paola Pivi, as commissioned by High Line Art and it will stay put through March 2023. The mask donned by the 23-feet-high sculpture will change every two months. The stories behind each mask—including one inspired by Pivi’s own son—will be explored on the High Line’s website.

Visiting NYC, This is a must read before you come!

Everyone coming to visit the “big Apple” usually plans ahead and has a headful of questions. It is always difficult to find the time to see everything.

Fear not: There is a Facebook Group that you can use as a guide. It is a place to ask any question about the city and get many responses .

Other than using the group I had no involvement in its creation or maintenance

The group in Facebook is

Everything to do in NYC

I begin with a map of names and locations of parts of the city. It will help you match names to a location.

This is not a very good street guide

Here are examples of what one person submitted as a plan for the visit (or completed after the trip). It is quite detailed but the best part is to look at the items mentioned – all good stuff for a visit.

I think the colors signify in the same zone.

The following are two itineraries that may just be listed so you can tell the time need to get to each one from the previous one. I don’t know how this was done, I just hope it was not during her visit. It is a tight schedule and rather than looking at the time between buildings then plan time at the building. I Hope they were all good walkers!

This one looks like a mid-town walk starting from w 35th/ 6ave / 42nd, and up to 57th street then to rock center and back to hotel.

My take on this walk is that Lincoln center is at W65th St , the obelisk is at East 85th st and 5th ave while the 5TRoosevelt Tram is on east 57th and 2nd ave. These are far apart.

The second looks like a walk from Grand Central area down to the Flatiron Building over to the highline and then to the intrepid and back to Macy’s.

This is a nice area of the city. It seems very ambitious and leaves little time to just enjoy (my opinion)

So I suggest that you check out Everything to do in NYC this site out. You will find many of posts less formal but full of information about places to visit and walks to take. The site has a lot of information and also it own search.

NYC is a great place to walk and look. Plan on not just the time it takes to get from one place to another but the time you will spend enjoying the activity. Also, plan for the unexpected.

Important to check on advanced reservations or pre paid-tickets . If possible, make a list of telephone numbers texts or web sites before hand.

Don’t forget your masks.

I suggest that you test the numbers ot before you leave.

My apologies to the person who created this material. Somewhere in my den there is a piece of paper with her name. If you have read this far, whisper a silent thank you to her!

NYC – East 67th Street – Animals Galore

Millan House – 115 East 67th Street

Post dusted off on March 7, 2022

Over the past few years, I have been walking past this building on east 67th street and just this weekend and re-looked  at  the facade of this building to admire decorative sculptures of rabbits, squirrels, owls, eagles, dogs and the like. The doorman told me that this building and the one opposite on east 68th were built by David Rockefeller in 1930. These identical building have a garden between them.

115 East 67th Street

In their great book, “The A. I. A. Guide to New York City, Fourth Edition, The Classic Guide to New York’s Architecture,” (Three Rivers Press, 2000), Norval White and Elliot Wilensky provide the following commentary about this superb building:   “Two 11-story gems complete with carved monsters, grotesques, and florid capital atop colonnettes, and wonderful multi-paned casements.”

This is a NYTimes article

The building’s façade is red-brick to compliment that of the 7th Regiment Armory that it faces across 67th Street. The 67th Street wing has 57 apartments. There is a magnificent garden between the two buildings but I was unable to get a picture,… maybe next time!

They look like birds under the lantern?

Window Details

scary isn’t it?

Metal work

The doorman told me to look up over the entrance way to see two deer looking up at the sky. also, I think the birds may be pelicans (not too sure of my birds). I have no idea what the meaning of this piece is but it is interesting and only in NYC.

NYC – Urban Jungle in Manhattan

What do I love about NYC? It is the perfect place to enjoy public art. Today, I came across   several polygonal shaped animal sculptures along Park Avenue. The unexpected is always enjoyable but another benefit is encountering something you least expected to see.

Zoo animals on Park Avenue

Today it was a zoo on Park Avenue looking at Rexor the Tyrannosaurus, Rex, Mojo the Gorilla, Baloo the Bear, Manny the Mammoth, and others on Park Avenue  between 34th and 38th Streets.







Created by artist Idriss B, his collection is made by molding his vision of contemporary art to create polygonal animal forms in different sizes


The another nice thing about this installation is that it will be there until February 2023.

POP-Art Installation In Madison Square Park -Flatiron Building District

Exhibit closes April 24, 2022

Briar Patch

Artist Hugh Hayden has created a new installation called Briar Patch, in Madison Square Park ( Flatiron area).  The installation will be there through April 24th.

Using different areas of the park, Brier Patch features a total of one-hundred wooden elementary school-style desks that erupt with tree branches. The array of desks form a grid arrangement of classroom seating. I gather that he is sending a message.

 From reading about this, I think he is trying to point out no matter the school or location, Briar patch is a place protective for some and dangerous for others, drawing connections to similar disparities within our education system and the ideal of the American Dream.

It appears that the Madison Square Park curators have a thing for trees

The previous one was called “Ghost Forest.”

NYC – How many, of you, have missed seeing this  38 foot tall dog?

Unveiled in July 2018, her name is Spot and is a three-story-high statue of a Dalmatian puppy, balancing a real New York City yellow cab precariously on its nose.

Right now, you cannot see that she has a playful grin as she is wearing a purple mask.

Internet photo

The taxi cab is wired so that its headlights illuminate Spot when it gets dark. When it rains, the cab’s wipers turn on

The permanent piece is located outside the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital within NYU Langone’s Kimmel Pavilion at 34th Street and First Avenue.

Creator Donald Lipski was inspired by his belief that art has healing powers.

“I wanted to make something so astounding it would distract even those arriving for the most serious procedures, and so lovable that young patients coming back again and again with chronic conditions would see it as an old friend,”

Donald Lipski, has done multiple pieces of public artworks across the country and in NYC, including a suite of sculptures that hang over the entrance of the La Guardia High School for Music and Art (made from musical instruments, costumes and ballet slippers).

Internet photo

Note: My oldest grandson graduated from LaGuardia Performing Arts High School. I always admired these pieces of art, now I know who created them.

NYC – Gone, to auction, are rare Muhammed Ali sports memorabilia.


On October 5th, one of my favorite auction houses – Bonham’s on Park Avenue will auction rare and important artifacts relating to the history of boxing, baseball and other sports…

The main focus of the collection are sketches and paintings by boxer Muhammad Ali. Who knew he loved to draw between fights?

The drawings, on display, many of them in cartoon style reflect Ali’s interest in religion and social justice, but there were also some that picture him in the ring. Ali’s passion for drawing was little known, but he liked to sketch as a way of unwinding after a fight or training.

In addition to the above there were other rare sporting memorabilia related to some of the greatest boxers and baseball players of all time!





A reminder that Auction Houses like Bonham’s, Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Philips’ place collections on public display. They are free to visit and three of them are convenient to midtown.

The staff welcomes you with a smile and all you have to do is ask if there are any open exhibits.


Autumn in Central Park


This blog is from the Central Park Conservatory

“It has been said that Central Park is most beautiful in autumn, when the leaves turn into a light show of golds, browns and shades of red that can only be found in Mother Nature. Just as in spring, when the trees come alive with color, fall is a feast for the eyes and a photographer’s delight. Leaves change color early fall due to shortened daylight and colder temperatures, typically beginning in October and continuing into early November.”

.Read the rest of this article about some of the popular places in the park


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