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NYC – Barbershop Museum

This past weekend the Barbershop Museum was officially opened. but when I went over to visit  the museum was closed. Unusual for me, I have taken the liberty to copy a few photos  and cite some information from the internet



Joining the ever-growing list of quirky city museums is the NYC Barber Museum, a newly opened Upper West Side establishment dedicated to the art and history of barbering. The brainchild of Arthur Rubinoff — a fourth-generation “Master Barber” and the CEO of the Reamir  barbershop chain whose star-studded clientele includes Bruce Willis, Tony Danza and Regis Philbin — the museum opened this past Friday with much fanfare. Now it’s paying tribute to generations of old school barbers, while also offering a variety of grooming services to visitors. Best yet, it’s free to visit. They have no telephone listed.

(Source:untapped cities)
This would be a neat place to visit if you are 9 blocks away from Lincoln; 7 blocks away from Zabar’s; a few blocks away from the Beacon Theater; and one block away from Central Park) I would put it on your list of things to see only if in the area


The NYC Barber Museum is located at 290 Columbus Ave. It’s open “casual hours” Sat-Mon; Tues 10:30 a.m.-9 p.m., Wed 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Thurs 11 a.m.-11 p.m. and Fri 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

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NYC – Library Walk – a good place to look down – updated

Library Walk



A little History

Walking down 41st street towards the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public library, pedestrians can get a sample of the literary treasures that await them before even entering the building. The two blocks between Park and 5th Avenue, dubbed Library Way in 2003 by legislation signed by New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, are lined with 32 intricately designed bronze plaques emblazoned with quotes from literary giants like Emily Dickinson, Gertrude Stein, William Butler Yeats, and Ernest Hemingway. The quotations were selected in 1996 by a distinguished panel of literary experts and librarians who chose excerpts from some of literature’s most prominent works that best represented the importance and impact of literature. The best time to walk is on the weekend.


My Story

Walking in NYC can be fun and often leads you to find something different and new. Many of us are busy looking up, at our urban mountains but as I walked towards the library from Park Avenue (actually, I was at Grand Central) , I decided to forego 42nd street and walk along  41st street..



The best time to walk is on the weekend.



Also, it may be the only street where you don’t mind people stopping and partially blocking the sidewalk.


This Blog was updated May 17, 2018




Here are a few  photos.







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NYC – POP ART (Madison Ave) Chairs – Bonham’s Auction House (57th/5th ave)

The School of Visual Arts (SVA), unveils a public art installation

Storefront window displays are not the only glass-enclosed structures turning heads on Madison Avenue this spring.

The School of Visual Arts (SVA), unveiled a public art installation consisting of 16 original chairs that represent each artist’s inspiration to create. These “Chairs that Inspire” can be found in eight-foot tall, Lucite-enclosed displays scattered along the sidewalks on Madison Avenue between East 57 and East 86 Streets until May 18.

Click photo to enlarge

For many of the student artists, being featured on Madison Avenue is a dream come true. For close to a month, the students’ work will be on display on one of the busiest avenues in New York.

Bonham’s Auction House (57th/5th ave)

I have added this short piece to the above store because many people do not know that Bonham’s can be a free museum. They have very high quality work and the location (57th and 5th Avenue (SW corner) is where most people travel down 5th Avenue – may be worth a visit!

Note: Often not open on weekends.
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NYC -Christopher Street and more

A good place to walk is in the West VIllage – a section of the city that manages to preserve a low-key, everyone-knows-everyone feel and picturesque charm.

Quiet Street

So this journey begins on Christopher Street and meanders along Hudson Street, Washington Street and West 13th Street.

Note: my walks are not meant to be followed literally, rather they are offered as an inspiration for you to create your own adventure.

West 13th Street

Getting a flavor of the area

Christopher Street


There is a lovely garden at St. Luke in the fields church at Christopher and Hudson Streets

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NYC – Street Art

Outdoor Art in Manhattan

Now that the warmer season is upon us the city begins, almost weekly, presenting us with interesting things for us to see. I happened to be on Broadway on the upper west side and noticed a new sculpture being placed in a plaza. Later I read a few press reports and decided to share the information on my blog.

Some of the material comes form an article written by Barbara Hoffman in the NYPost. I have both edited and added material to the story. I drove by each piece of sculpture and added  a photo or two.


A guide to the craziest new outdoor art in NYC  by Barbara Hoffman

“It’s amazing what you’ll see in the city streets  — rhinos in the East Village; Snoopy and friends in Hudson Square, and half-men, half-forest creatures roaming Broadway.

After an endless winter, sculptures and murals are springing up all over. And although the mediums are different, their messages seem largely the same: Can’t we all just get along — and, while we’re at it, save the Earth? At least, that’s what the artists’ statements suggest. You may look at their work and discover something entirely different.

So get out there with your cellphones and cameras. At the very least, you’ll class up your Instagram”.

Along Broadway there are several pocket parks at various intersections Six interesting sculptures were placed with the parks with 64th and 157th Streets.Kathy Ruttenberg, an upstate New York artist who combines human, animal and plant forms created them that portray characters from a fairytale-like dream and aims to brighten the day of passersby.

Here is a brief look at some of the art.  I refer you to the lead photograph for the location and Title.

Also, get a load of the peanuts gallery downtown

However these murals are in a somewhat removed part of Manhattan – Hudson Square.

Hudson Square map

They will be up beginning g on May around Hudson Square, where larger-than-life murals of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang are being installed for an art show designed to bring communities together.

.Happiness is a warm pop-up — for the next three months in this Lower Manhattan neighborhood.


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NYC – Greek Independance Day Parade – one of many this year

NYC – Greek Independence Day Parade

Now that the weather is getting warmer the city will begin having more parades. Today, many families came out to celebrate Greek Independence  I highlight some parades to remind you that these free events can make your NYC experience just a little bit better. Like today’s event, families dress in authentic costumes and are proud to demonstrate their heritage.


As usual. it is a great time for politicians to get out in front of the crowd

And for added fun …

The following sites will give advance info as to events happening in NYC




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NYC – Asia Week – a look at some of the art on display

This past week was Asia Week in NYC. Many galleries presented a wide variety of Asian Art. Most are in private collections and are rarely displayed in public.  Many of the venues are free and it is a good way to see a wide variety of media. Note: the auction houses change often so calling ahead is always best.

The following are from Sotheby’s which displayed a diverse array of Chinese, Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian works of art and paintings dating from the Neolithic period to the present day. The brochure indicated that over 1300 lots will be offered for sale.






Note: This was only one of many places in the city that were displaying Asian Art.

more info here 

and here

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