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Brooklyn – Prospect Park 7000 pinwheels

Today,I traveled to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to look at  7,000 yellow Pinwheels. The pinwheels — which range from 6 to 11 inches in size — span 2¹/₂ acres of the Rose Garden, a quiet corner of the park.

Students from 40 city schools were asked to submit designs. Several of these were printed and folded into the installation’s bright yellow pinwheels, which are made from a renewable material generated from crushed stones.

The installation is going to close on July 17th.

Interesting enough was that I have never been to Prospect Park in all the years I have visited and lived in NYC. Now that I have broken the ice, I will venture to other boroughs as well.

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NYC – Backup Plan for Rainy Day

NYC – Rain makes for sudden changes

Recently, I went to see a parade –IMMIGRANT’S PARADE  – but unfortunately when I got there it started to rain. I mean really rain!

Click photos to enlarge

So you are soaking wet and the parade gets cancelled, what to do?

Think inside. Before I went to the parade I looked up where the parade was to be held and also what other sites are nearby. I guess it is called having a backup plan.

The following is a record of my afternoon:

I arrived at the parade and found many participants seeking cover. I walked over by the Radio City Hall and realized that the parade was not going to hap

First, I headed into Rockefeller Center (nice and dry) walked underneath from 6th Avenue to Seventh Avenue. Sat for awhile had a coffee and used their bathroom.

I had read that an old Art Store had been converted into a cooperative for artists and headed in that direction.The cooperative had just opened and had only a few artisans manning their displays.


The rain kept coming so I ducked into the Sheraton Hotel . Hotel lobbies are great places to sit and rex and, if needed, use their public bathroom.

Rain continues so I am off to the Time Warner Building at Columbus Circle. Passing the Columbus Circle Subway entrance, I was intrigued by the colorful sign advertising 39 stores below in the subway lobby.

So, below I went Great use of this space and very unique shops and dry.

I decided to head for home.

Moral: No matter what the weather, go and explore!

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NYC – Sunday in Washington Square Park – drizzle and all

Some days are just gloomy and sometimes there is a drizzle that make it just a little bit different. what better time to visit Washington Square Park and environs.

Here is my walk in pictures…

The Park




Art Show




Streets (Mac Dougall – West 3rd – Thompson ) – South of the Park

Off of 5th Avenue – North of the Park

Time for Coffee

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NYC – Alphabet City – Loisada Festival

Loisada Festival Parade


This weekend it was nice to visit the area of Manhattan called Alphabet City. It is different from the center of Manhattan, in the sense that it is more quiet and without the presence of tourists. There is not any major attraction to see, so you can go for a walk and enjoy this characteristic neighborhood.


I went to see the annual Loisada Festival Parade, a colorful and fun-filled event. This part of the city in tucked away east of 1st Avenue and south of 14th Street. Some people think it is the last real neighborhood in Manhattan. Low rise buildings, community gardens and funky places to eat or drink.

Well, enough from the Chamber of Commerce, here are some photos of the parade and festival. I have been going to many NYC parades and his one was the most lively and fun. unfortunately, my video was not working but I hope my photos will show you that the participant were most young adults having fun.


Preparing for the parade





This was a happy group of marchers




A very exciting drum corp


Coffee Time.

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NYC – West 70th Street to West 58th Street -Riverside Drive – a lot of glass





It all started with Fleet Week and my going to the 70th Street Pier to watch the ships go up the Hudson River.


A gloomy start of the day turned into sunshine.. .so why not a walk down to midtown!

I looked south at the horizon and immediately was taken by the tall glass-enclosed buildings, a destination at last.





I continued on up the path to Riverside Drive



This area is mostly high rise apartments/condos and is all building.At the westernmost end, beyond Central Park .


I did find a park amongst them and there were plenty of pre-schools along the way so I imagine quite a few people live in this area.


Ended the walk with a drink

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NYC – Endangered Bird Murals

Every year, during May, Jane’s Walks organization puts together free walks throughout the boroughs of New York City. One that caught my eye was a walk in the northern Manhattan neighborhood of Hamilton Heights and Washington heights. It is a project that is attempting to create 314 murals of endangered birds. It is called the Audubon Mural Project.

This was a walk I wasn’t sure I was going to do. However, I am always looking to go for a walk, so I went!  However, there were so many people who had the same idea that I created my own walk.

Most of my walk was from west 144th Street to west 158th Street along Broadway. I may have missed some along the way but I have included a web site, at the bottom,  that does a great job of showing off the murals.

First the area in question is in section of Manhattan that is old and which has a rich cultural diverse population.  Broadway is a typical city street with shops of all kinds along the way

Many of the buildings on the side streets are filled with very nice brownstone buildings while Broadway has a mix of apartment buildings.


The most well-known section is around west 155th Street. Here is the famous Trinity graveyard where many well know dignitaries are buried.

John Audubon   Ed Koch   Clement Moore   Jerry Orbach

Also, a fabulous museum at the Audubon Terrace – Hispanic Society of America should not be missed. It is now closed for renovation but something to be put on your future visit to NYC.

If you are coming to NYC for the first time, this is a walk that I recommend you take virtually. This is far from the normal tourist areas and the placements of the birds are somewhat hard to find. The web site below is excellent and will show much more than this brief look at the murals.

This web site has a better view of the birds. Click here

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NYC – fashion on Madison Avenue – East 70’s

Today I walked up Madison Avenue from east 70th Street to East 86th Street.( We city folk do a lot of walking!) I was impressed with some of the store windows and the quality of what they were selling.C ertainly, fashion is alive and well in this area of Manhattan. Here are my photos of the current styles being offered this early spring. This post is a little longer than usual.


These photos show 3-dimensional  replicas of people. They use a 360 degree photo scanner of you. Amazing new technology.

This is a “pop-up” store called Doob.

Several stores displayed “Young Adult” clothing.

Of course, several stores displayed your needed accessories.

Note: click on photos for enlargement


Added these for fun.

The fashions  through a slight glare of the store windows.



Ralf Lauren

Paul Morelli


Spring Flowers

Frederic Malle




Carolina Herrera

Tomas Meier

F.M. Allen


Morgane Le Pax



Lilly Pu;itzer

Eileen Fisher

Davide Cenci



Rebecca Taylor


Eli Saab


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