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Brooklyn – Prospect Park 7000 pinwheels

Today,I traveled to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to look at  7,000 yellow Pinwheels. The pinwheels — which range from 6 to 11 inches in size — span 2¹/₂ acres of the Rose Garden, a quiet corner of the park. Students from 40 city schools were asked to submit designs. Several of these were printed and folded […]

Macy’s Flower Show – 2017

Saturday, I missed my subway stop and head to go to the next one. Adjust and switch platforms, go back and regroup…End result I had to get off at Herald Square. I walked out of the subway looking straight at Macy’s windows full of flowers. Well it wasn’t my original destination – which was Korea […]

NYC – A break in the routine with a touch of Spring


NYC -East 70’s – a quick look at fashion and food along the Avenues

      Many people explore the city by walking near a major tourist attraction, but try venturing a little further away . You may find a greater mix of stores and restaurants that may be more interesting and affordable. Lately, I took a walk from Lexington Avenue along East 73rd Street heading towards the East […]

NYC – a hint of spring – great time for a walk

When I’m in New York, I just want to walk down the street and feel this thing, like I’m in a movie. Ryan Adams Today, I share with you a hint of spring here in NYC. The weather is warmer, flowers are in bloom and the outside world is coming alive! Noticed the Austrian Cultural […]

NYC – Halloween

Every day in NYC is a party, but Halloween in New York is a holiday not to be missed! Enjoy Halloween activities for kids, families, and grown-ups throughout the month of October, and make sure to catch the nation’s largest public Halloween celebration at the annual New York Village Halloween Parade!

NYC – Central Park – Conservatory Garden Summer 2014

NYC – Central Park – Conservatory Garden 2014   Recently, I re-visited the Conservatory Gardens. It was a warm day and I  went to see the flowers. To my surprise, there are not many in bloom but the gardens were still beautiful as well as peaceful. Many families were  sitting on the benches and enjoying […]