NYC – enjoy a private art gallery

NYC – enjoy a private art gallery   NYC offers you an opportunity to visit many famous museums. Often though, you may find some of best art there the “other” place might be appreciating works of art in a private gallery. Sometimes it is great to imagine yourself   a person of means. Walking  around  the […]

NYC – More than Tourist Sites – Street Fairs and Festivals

  I happened to be going through the upper east side and stopped at a street fair on East 116th Street. It had children rides, not often seen in the city, as well as food and some novelty items for sale.I was reminded that over the past few years I have written about street fairs. […]

NYC — small Art Galleries worth visiting

This is a follow-up from a previous post Fall in Central Park –Metropolitan Museum Area Today, I visited three very small art galleries just a half-block from 5th Avenue on east 79th Street. While they might not be your primary destination, I am confident it will add to your NYC experience.   Let’s get our bearings. Just […]

NYC – Wild Things – Maurice Sendak – Sothebys – Free

  Wild Things The Art of Maurice Sendak   Sothebys has on exhibition  preliminary and finished drawings, artwork for posters, theatrical sets and costumes, and more from Maurice Sendak.  His  world recreated at the gallery  is at once playful, inventive, subversive, and, above all, wild. A Brief Author Bio Maurice Sendak (1928-2012), author of many beloved […]

NYC – New York City Questions – New-York Historical Society

Here is some trivia from the New – York Historical Society. They might come in handy at your next family gathering or for use during a long trip.   Questions about New York City How Much Horse Manure Was Deposited on the Streets of New York City Before the Advent of the Automobile, and What Happened […]

NYC – Expensive Dollhouse is an extra treat for Thanksgiving…

  I came across this article about a unique opportunity to see an expensive dollhouse. I reprint here for you to enjoy. The following is By Diane Pham,  written on Tue, November 3, 2015   The World’s Most Expensive Dollhouse Will Be On Show at Columbus Circle This Month – During Thanksgiving Season. By Diane Pham, […]

NYC -East 70’s – a quick look at fashion and food along the Avenues

      Many people explore the city by walking near a major tourist attraction, but try venturing a little further away . You may find a greater mix of stores and restaurants that may be more interesting and affordable. Lately, I took a walk from Lexington Avenue along East 73rd Street heading towards the East […]