NYC – Winter Walk-Give it a try!

During this unique time and being careful of keeping distances and not going stir crazy, I suggest the following:

Find a few places to walk where there are not a lot of people in groups. Getting outside into the Crisp winter air emphasizes the beauty of luminous clouds, maybe eerie fog and mist, and (if an early bird) capture that special light only a sunrise can provide.  If not sure this is your thing then, you should start out taking short jaunts from your vehicle or apartment; no big hikes.

The city affords you to notice the changing colors and shadows along tree lined streets. City parks can provide you the beauty of a rural nature.

The main concern is to wear comfortable layered clothing. Do not bundle up too much! Believe me, the main concern is staying dry – little sweating – and being able to add or remove layers as needed to adjust to the temperature.

When I walk in the city, I wear a light knapsack. [When in a park or the woods, where there is snow, I do the same but sometimes drag a plastic sled behind me – good to store extra layers or maybe camera stuff or a snack. (don’t overdo the weight).]

My camera equipment, for the most part, will function as normal as I keep the battery warm as possible. I have a spare battery in my inside pocket. My Iphone stays in my pocket until needed.[Cold weather takes its toll on batteries]

With the right clothing, planning, and dependable equipment, nature provides us with some magnificent material! Give it a try if you haven’t yet.

I convinced myself to go for a walk in the neighborhood. Some of these photos will show you the vibrant colors that can be captured during of a winter walk. {You don’t need a camera to enjoy the walk!]

NYC – You may be surprised – Manhattan Statues – Quiz


cp_conservatory gardens_01062011 (4)
Conservatory Garden – Central Park


During this winter I have been catching up on reading about New York City. I am trying to set up my warmer weather walking trips to various areas within the city.

However, there are advantages to walking in the winter

I guess like most,  when you walk during the winter, you are glad that the leaves on the trees are gone.  Many times you get a chance to look at things that were not visible during other seasons. This blog will focus on some statues that may have escaped your view. I read somewhere that there are more than 150 free-standing statues that are easily within public view in the city. I would also guess that there are thousands more if you count libraries, schools, inside buildings and reliefs on the sides of other statues.

laquardia staue
Fiorello Enrico La Guardia –


So, on this winter day, let’s start with a little quiz

(Answers will follow – remember only free-standing)

  1. Where is there  statue of  Mohandas Gandi?
  2. How many statues of Abraham Lincoln are in NYC
  3. Where is there a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt?
  4. Hard to believe (or maybe it isn’t), but out of the 150-some historical statues and more than 400 years of civic history, there are only five women thus immortalized in New York City. Can you name them?
  5. How many statues of Washington are in NYC?
  6. In Manhattan, how many men on horses are there? Any women?


The following are some samples of popular NYC statues:

Can you identify them?

And here are some you may never have seen (parent preview advised)  click here

Answer to questions












Answers to questions

1. Mohandas Gandi located in Union Square park.

NY Historical Society

2. There are four statues of Lincoln in the city. He can be found, with Ulysses S. Grant, as a bas-relief on the inside of the monumental arch in Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza, and as free-standing statues in the north end of Union Square, in the Concert Grove section of Prospect Park and outside the Lincoln Houses at 135th and Madison. Note: I may have missed this one at the New York Historical Society.


3. Riverside Park is where you will find Eleanor Roosevelt

4. The Fabulous Five are

 Stein, which is on the east side of Bryant Park;

Joan of Arc, which is at 93rd Street in Riverside Park

Eleanor Roosevelt, about 72nd Street also in Riverside Park;  

Golda Meir, at 39th and Broadway in Midtown, and

Harriet Tubman, who was lately added to a triangular green space at West 122nd and Eighth Avenue (Frederick Douglas Blvd.).

5. There are seven statues of Washington in New York: a statue of him and the Marquis de Lafayette in Manhattan’s Morningside Park, two statues on the arch in Washington Square, an equestrian statue in Union Square, one in Flushing Meadows/Corona Park in Queens, one in Washington Plaza in Brooklyn and the enormous figure outside Federal Hall.

6. There are 11 men and 1 women. Before looking, jot down your best guesses

Click  here for names and  locations.


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