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Petersburg, Virginia – coming back

Growing up, busses were very popular. Kate and I stopped in Petersburg, Virginia and I noticed an old bus Terminal. Maybe you still have an old toy bus somewhere? If so, post a pic of it on FB…

A forgotten garden Fredericksburg Va Re-Visited

This is a follow-up of my previous post Forgotten Garden I wrote about the National Slave Museum Garden. I have had correspondence with several people about this and decided to look deeper in the internet for additional information. It is scarce but I did come across in google maps photos of the garden in better […]

Christmas Stories – True or Myths?

This Blog originated from my coming across the home of Virginia the young girl of newspaper fame – Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. I hope that I did not expand it too much to include other Christmas related facts, stories or myths. I got carried away…   Is There a Santa Claus?   Is There a […]

Spotsylvania Virginia

This litle town is a ew miles west of major inter-state 95. I continue to visit in hopes of finding something unique to photograph. this area is steeped with history and behind trees and in out-of-the-way places there exists original buildings of the civil war period to be rediscovered.   Spotsylvania Virginia Spotsylvania’s roots extend back to 1721, […]

A Southern Plantation – a newer version

A Southern plantation Traveling along a back road in Virginia, I came across this house. I am always amazed in the way people express themselves. This house is in the area of a Civil War Battlefield and I wonder what influenced them to create this. The answer may never be known as I was intimidated to […]

Civil War and Virginia

I have had the good fortune to drive through the State of Virginia many times during the past seventeen years. I have been impressed with the way they have preserved buildings, parks and battlefields of the Civil War. Having grown up in the east, I had many reminders of the Revolutionary War but the Civil War sites in […]

Back to the Barn – better photography?

Sometimes having the opportunity to get back to place you photographed before can be most helpful. When I first shot the pictures of this barn (previous post), I was interested in getting a picture that had good color, sharp focus and fairly good composition. I guess as an amateur photographer, I am trying to train […]