NYC – Three Kings Parade – Celebration – 2021 (Virtual)

Updated from 2017

El Museo del Barrio is delighted to present the 44th Annual Three Kings Day (Virtual) Celebration on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, titled Fuerza Colectiva: Celebrating our Roots and Diversity. The upcoming celebration honors and embraces our community’s collective strength in response to the pandemic and injustice, and the cultural contributions of the African diaspora. The Museum’s first-ever virtual celebration, hosted and directed by TV personality and Producer, Rhina Valentin, will include musical performances, festive skits, cameos by our famous giant puppets, and saludos from this year’s honorees.

It is a small event as NYC events go. In the past it had  mostly parents  participating with three children. It is but one of many activities that make NYC neighborhoods great.

Photo are from past years.

and  the cleanup crew…


NYC – Winter Walk-Give it a try!

During this unique time and being careful of keeping distances and not going stir crazy, I suggest the following:

Find a few places to walk where there are not a lot of people in groups. Getting outside into the Crisp winter air emphasizes the beauty of luminous clouds, maybe eerie fog and mist, and (if an early bird) capture that special light only a sunrise can provide.  If not sure this is your thing then, you should start out taking short jaunts from your vehicle or apartment; no big hikes.

The city affords you to notice the changing colors and shadows along tree lined streets. City parks can provide you the beauty of a rural nature.

The main concern is to wear comfortable layered clothing. Do not bundle up too much! Believe me, the main concern is staying dry – little sweating – and being able to add or remove layers as needed to adjust to the temperature.

When I walk in the city, I wear a light knapsack. [When in a park or the woods, where there is snow, I do the same but sometimes drag a plastic sled behind me – good to store extra layers or maybe camera stuff or a snack. (don’t overdo the weight).]

My camera equipment, for the most part, will function as normal as I keep the battery warm as possible. I have a spare battery in my inside pocket. My Iphone stays in my pocket until needed.[Cold weather takes its toll on batteries]

With the right clothing, planning, and dependable equipment, nature provides us with some magnificent material! Give it a try if you haven’t yet.

I convinced myself to go for a walk in the neighborhood. Some of these photos will show you the vibrant colors that can be captured during of a winter walk. {You don’t need a camera to enjoy the walk!]

NYC – Beer Baron who owned the Yankees

NYC – Beer _ Baseball _ Colonel J. Ruppert _ Yankees



Walking  down east 92nd street from 3rd Avenue to York Avenue,  I came upon a sign for a beer that I had not heard of in years – Knickerbocker. It reminded me that this area of Yorkville once had several breweries, one of which was familiar to me – Ruppert’s  Knickerbocker Brewery. Later, when I researched the 58195_georgeehretshellgatebrewery_0area I found another  brewery, one  I had had never heard of called the Hell Gate Brewery. It was once the largest brewery in the United States and named for a section of the nearby East River.

When the breweries were operating, this area was known for its “streets that smelled like beer”. Today, the area+ is now comprised of a few apartment buildings, parking garages, a small park, a pet store, a Chase bank, and a grocery store.

I probably could do a complete story on the History of Yorkville but I will only focus upon the owner of the Ruppert Brewery – Colonel Jacob Ruppert.

Jacob Ruppert

Colonel “Jake” Ruppert while having a popular beer company also was known as the owner of a major league baseball team The New York Yankees.

1936 Logo

So, let’s go back to walking down East 92nd Street.  To my surprise, I found, in a parking garage, a series of large color photos of the Ruppert brewery and the Yankees.


Also, Colonel Ruppert himself in the twilight of his glory days, pictured with Babe Ruth.



Here are some of the pictures hanging with the garage/

It’s enough to give me hope that the story of the old New York beer and baseball is not totally dead but kept in small out of way places throughout our country.

Some added notes

  • Often overlooked was that Lou Gehrig and Joe Dimaggio played during Ruppert’s ownership.
  • Made by the Ruppert Brewery, Knickerbocker was the official beer of the New York Giants knick-giants-coaster(Baseball not football), a bit ironic given that Jacob Ruppert, was the owner of the New York Yankees during the heyday of Ruth and Gehrig. He attempted to purchase theNew York Giants on numerous occasions.
  • While he was the owner of the Yankees, he built Yankee Stadium. It would be the first ballpark to be referred to as a stadium.
  • p593264292-3stadium
    Yankee Stadium (old)
  • Ruppert was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in July 2013.
  • In 1912 he was offered an opportunity to purchase the Chicago Cubs, but decided that Chicago was too far away from New York.
  • In 1929, Ruppert added numbers to the Yankees’ uniforms, which became a feature of every team. He said, “Many fans do not attend games on a regular basis and cannot easily pick out the players they have come to see.”
  • A dubious story says that he is responsible for the Yankees’ famous pinstriped uniforms; according to this account, Ruppert chose pinstripes in order to make the often-portly Ruth appear less obese. In actuality the Boston Red Sox first sported pinstripes for their road uniforms in 1907, five years before the Yankees.

Extra Trivia

The 92nd street area was also a significant but scattered Irish population that included James Cagney who grew up on East 96th Street.

Colonel Jacob Ruppert lived in New York City and had homes in Garrison (Eagles Nest) and Rhinebeck (Linwood) New York. He was a frequent customer at Foster’s Tavern in Rhinebeck NY.


NYC – Leonard Cohen at the Jewish Museum

This week,  I went to the Leonard Cohen exhibit at the Jewish Museum. (East 92nd and 5th Ave). The museum is housed in an old mansion and along with this exhibit, has other exhibitions that explore art and culture from ancient to modern times.

I enjoyed my visit and have written a few observations but first you must read an excellent review  written by Jordan Hoffman in the AMnewyork newspaper.

“Don’t come to the Leonard Cohen exhibit expecting a typical collection of memorabilia. There are no dog-eared notebooks under glass, no stage fedoras on display. For those of us sick of that sort of thing, let’s quote the man and say ‘Hallelujah”

Click  here  to read more of his  review.


The exhibit is very unusual as most of the exhibit is located in very dark  rooms. This use of black walls allows you to focus on the wall  projections, images and videos . Each space  has seating (a little hard to find in the dark)  but the darkness creates  a feeling of intimacy and gives Cohen’s music, as well as the visual images, more impact.

Before going I thought that this would be a typical visit where you can leisurely walk through the exhibits. However, this is an exhibit that, to really enjoy,  you must be willing to take quite a bit of time to sit in the different areas. Whether a fan of Cohen or not, sitting and watching the stories unfold before you lights up the mind and enhances your enjoyment.

Is it worth a visit?  I would say that the museum as a whole is worth visiting. I feel that the Cohen exhibit might be better enjoyed by people who are familiar with Cohen’s music and career. (Exhibit open until September 8th,)

postscript: The music was great!


NYC – Asia Week – a look at some of the art on display

This past week was Asia Week in NYC. Many galleries presented a wide variety of Asian Art. Most are in private collections and are rarely displayed in public.  Many of the venues are free and it is a good way to see a wide variety of media. Note: the auction houses change often so calling ahead is always best.

The following are from Sotheby’s which displayed a diverse array of Chinese, Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian works of art and paintings dating from the Neolithic period to the present day. The brochure indicated that over 1300 lots will be offered for sale.






Note: This was only one of many places in the city that were displaying Asian Art.

more info here 

and here

NYC – fashion on Madison Avenue – East 70’s

Today I walked up Madison Avenue from east 70th Street to East 86th Street.( We city folk do a lot of walking!) I was impressed with some of the store windows and the quality of what they were selling.C ertainly, fashion is alive and well in this area of Manhattan. Here are my photos of the current styles being offered this early spring. This post is a little longer than usual.


These photos show 3-dimensional  replicas of people. They use a 360 degree photo scanner of you. Amazing new technology.

This is a “pop-up” store called Doob.

Several stores displayed “Young Adult” clothing.

Of course, several stores displayed your needed accessories.

Note: click on photos for enlargement


Added these for fun.

The fashions  through a slight glare of the store windows.



Ralf Lauren

Paul Morelli


Spring Flowers

Frederic Malle




Carolina Herrera

Tomas Meier

F.M. Allen


Morgane Le Pax



Lilly Pu;itzer

Eileen Fisher

Davide Cenci



Rebecca Taylor


Eli Saab


NYC – Animals- Commerial Art

Short walk today around the east 60’s. I was off to an appointment and thought I would grab some shots of items displayed in some store windows.

The practice of depicting characters of animals in miniaturized porcelain and  cloth seems to be very popular.


And, speaking of animals…




nyc – Wooden Framed Homes with Porches – a vanishing Group

A while back I wrote about NYC wooden framed houses.  I am always fascinated that some of them still exist. Over the years, many building are now marble and limestone townhouses, but there still exist charming houses, made of plain old wood. I am singling out a few that have front porches. I would imagine that there are not many of these left. Yesterday, I found a wooden framed house at 17 east 128th Street. I should mention that there are several other wooden framed house but very few that have been restored and contain a front porch.

 My original Blog – Houses made of wood – in Manhattan? – might be of interest .

Look at the similarity of  the following three homes’


East 92nd Street

east 85thg blog
412 East 85th Street


east 128th st
17 East 128th Street

These are the only ones found that have been restored and contain a front porch. These homes are really unique to the city. I discovered that around 1866 the fire code banned  these types of houses from being built below 86th Street.

Unfortunately before many houses can be land marked, developers change them into something else. Quite a handful of old wood frame houses still exist in various parts of Harlem but none are official landmarks and so might not last much longer in the coming years.There is a lot of bland-new construction arriving in all NYC  neighborhoods these days but the actual charm that still remains in some neighborhoods comes from the past so hopefully more investors will see that in the future.

Note: The landmark commission usually takes several years to approve a property. Also, the dwelling must be able to be renovated so many of the wooden home have fallen to decay and vandalism.

Sunday at Sotheby’s – well not really!

Really not Sunday but visited on a Friday.
I often stop at Sotheby’s just to look at what is on exhibition. It is one of the many free things to do in NYC.

Similar auction houses are Christie’s, Doyles and Bonham’s as well as several others scattered around the city. Often there are several floors that can be visited.

Today, I focused on the following:


Sotheby’s is pleased to offer a superb selection of Russian works, including decorative pieces of furniture and important  bronzes from distinguished private collections.

Furniture – not sure they are Russian but all had tags. 


 Painting and Art Work 




Important European Silver, Vertu, and Russian Works of Art

 .. AND …

 The small photographs are mine  but click the Titles for a better view  from Sotheby’s.



Estimate   5,000 — 7,000 USD







Estimate   8,000 — 12,000 USD


Please note: The exhibits are time and date sensitive based on the dates of the auction.

NYC – Winter Snow at the other park – Carl Shurz

At this writing, it is very  cold outside and we have snow on the ground. Many winter scenes of NYC show mostly midtown or the larger parks… here is a glimpse of a small park on the upper east side of Manhattan.

1_03_2013_winter_snow_shurz (13)_smaller
East River and the Tr-Borough Bridge from Carl shurz Park

It was nice to have the lights on as it added to the enjoyment of a winter day in the park,

1_03_2013_winter_snow_shurz (4)

Lastly, you know it is cold when you see the vapors rising from the chimneys.

 Enjoy your day!