NYC – Free Tourist Information

When visiting NYC most people have an idea or two as to what they want to see or visit. However, many events and celebrations are not announced in a timely fashion. I have listed four sources that may be of help. Each has a daily or weekly edition that is free. You will find them on many street corners.

Here are two articles from “Our Town”.

The Other Shakespeare in the Park

Hudson Warehouse  –  2014 summer season of free plays in Riverside Park

nyc_west side_sailors_soldiers_shakespeare
Location for Play-Next week’s Blog -Sailors and Soldiers Monument

Since its inception in 2004, the theater company has operated almost entirely outdoors, at the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in Riverside Park, where audience members sit on the monument’s stone steps, and its upcoming season is no different. The first production of the summer, Shakespeare’s “King John,” kicks off on June 5, which, like every Hudson Warehouse show, is free to the public. Hudson Warehouse is not the city’s only theater company offering free, outdoor performances of classics; the Public Theater’s Free Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, with its infamous long lines for tickets and its A-list actors on the bill is among them. But Martin-Smith sees Hudson Warehouse as an answer to the inaccessibility of both the Public’s popular shows and pricey Broadway productions. IF YOU GO      HUDSON WAREHOUSE What: Hudson Warehouse’s 11th summer season includes productions of “King John,”” The Importance of Being Earnest” and “The Winter’s Tale.” When: King John: June 5 through June 29; The Importance of Being Earnest: July 3 through July 27; The Winter’s Tale: July 31-August 24 Where: North patio of Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument W. 89th Street and Riverside Drive Hours: Thursday through Sunday nights at 6:30 p.m. Recommended arrival time: 6:00 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. Free admission WRITTEN BY GABRIELLE ALFIERO

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Back to the Tavern

Central Park’s famous eatery reopens with a new and welcome twist

The service is friendly, open and impeccable, as is the décor. The cocktail menu features drinks named for each of the five boroughs, and aside from being rather tasty, they indicate the new direction of Tavern on the Green. tavern on greenLike the city, it may be a little too pricy for some, but if you can make it work, even for a glass of wine at the bar or ice cream sandwich from the soon-to-be-opened takeaway window, the place will welcome you, and you’ll be glad to be there. NOTE The three dining rooms’ 345 indoor seats are booked solid for the next several months, you can stroll through the park and score a spot at the circular bar, with access to the kitchen’s full menu, any time. WRITTEN BY MEGAN FINNEGAN BUNGEROTH

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NYC – Posters – Is all art in a museum? Not on the upper west side!

 Indoor Poster Collages

ticket officeNew York City has an amazing amount of art housed in many prestigious museums. However, there is a parking garage on west 65th Street and CPW that has a very unique collection of posters. A rather odd place for art but it works quite well. I wonder how many other buildings in NYC have similar displays that go unnoticed?


entrance w65th


I am not sure these are all classic posters nor did I recognize the origins of each. When entering the garage you are surprised to find several large collages.(posters).(click to enlarge)

entrance w65th_wallentrance_w65_side

entrance w66th_1

entrance w66_3

Here are a few of the posters from within the collages. They seem to represent a wide range of interests. As I write this I am wondering if the nearby Lincoln Center had some influence on displaying the posters.

uncle sam

james bam leglincoln center   phanthom IMG_4498_CYRK                 man in bed
























Well, it is not the Met or he Guggenheim but it is another free place to visit in NYC   You may notice a few well-known names and enjoy their poster art work.



Here is a collage of some old posters


Note: This garage is opposite the Tavern on the Green – newly reopened ????   At this writing it does not have a public bathroom but is working on it. Ask for directions to the nearest bathroom) It is only a short walk into the park (from the Tavern) to a public rest room.

Also, the garage is close to Columbus Square, New York Historical Society and a short walk from Lincoln Center. It may worth a peek into?