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NYC – Street Art

Outdoor Art in Manhattan Now that the warmer season is upon us the city begins, almost weekly, presenting us with interesting things for us to see. I happened to be on Broadway on the upper west side and noticed a new sculpture being placed in a plaza. Later I read a few press reports and […]

NYC – enjoy a private art gallery

NYC – enjoy a private art gallery   NYC offers you an opportunity to visit many famous museums. Often though, you may find some of best art there the “other” place might be appreciating works of art in a private gallery. Sometimes it is great to imagine yourself   a person of means. Walking  around  the […]

Wilmington NC -Cameron Art Museum

On my way to a meeting, I noticed several interesting sculptures on the front lawn of the Cameron Art Museum. Knowing I had only about fifteen minutes to spare, I quickly set about getting some shots . Here is what fifteen minutes of your time can produce. Note: Saturday Septembr 29th all Smithsonian affiliated Museums are open […]