NYC – The North Woods-Ravine and more

Read – Construction in the area March 20, 2021

updated for future planning

This year where traveling is limited and keeping a safe distance is hard to achieve, why not a nice walk in the woods. [ the photos are from a fall walk but it is a nice walk in any season.

The North Woods is located at the very northern part of Central Park. It has the feeling of being in the woods. It is a little off the typical tourist area but on a nice day is worth a visit.

You can start this walk from two directions.

The first is from the Meer and walk west and then around the pool where, in a parking lot, (maybe construction detours during 2021) you will see a stone arch You are now in The Ravine. The second approach is from the west side (1ooth Street) starting at the Pond.  The Pond is a small lake with green lawns, a waterfall and a loch at the other end. Walk to the end of the pond and  follow the stream into the Ravine.

There is much more to see in this part of the park. Here is an excellent link with a good map here.


NYC- A pre-fall Walk in Central Park

This is an update to an earlier Blog.

This time of year walking through Central Park is very relaxing. The crowds are less, the flowers are slowly starting their retreat and the sunny days are comfortable. Just about any place in the park is ideal. My walk today is a  popular location around 72nd Street .

If you enter the park from 5th Avenue, a short detour to  the Conservatory Pond is worth the time.  Sometimes they have miniture sailboats [for rent] that zip around the pond. Also, there is a coffee shop and restroom facilty here.

From here you can walk to  Bethesda Terrace and then take the the path  to the Bow Bridge. The views are  excellent and there may be boaters enjoying the nice weather. (And alternate short detour may be to visit the “Boat House”‘ A popular place to eat, rent a boat, or use the restrooms.)

If so inclined, you may wish to leave the park on the west side. A popular area to walk through is “strawberry Fields” a beatles landmark.

Also, at this location you can look  the building on the corner of CPW and 72nd st. It is the Dakota  building which is closely tied to John Lennon’s history.

This walk has a few inclines and steps. However, there are alternate paths, plenty of benches that will help during your walk.

The Park Conservatory has a free tour covering this area. Details here.

NYC – Fall in Central Park -Metropolitan Museum Area

Fall in Central Park

oct_31_15_central park (16)_the Met
The front of Metropolitan Museum

I was near the Metropolitan Museum (5th Ave/ 84th Street) when I got thinking that many people who visit the Museum may not know what is behind the building. So here are a few photographs from the park, I started from 5th Avenue and east 84th Street through the park ending at the other end of the museum at east 79th Street.


Usually peak fall foliage in Central Park occurs towards the beginning of November. There are many other Blogs that will give you information about the more well-known locations. They were taken November 2nd.

There is a playground at the corner of 5th Ave and e 84th street where these little creatures are at the entrance.

To the rear of the museum walk over the roadway and take a path to your left

You will  pass the Obelisk, nicknamed Cleopatra’s Needle. It is the oldest man-made object in Central Park, and the oldest outdoor monument in New York City.

oct_31_15_central park (29)_oblesk

A little further down the path and you come to Turtle Pond -named in honor of the large number of turtles that reside there along with numerous species of birds, fish, frogs, and dragonflies.

Looking behind you (at the pond) The King Jagiello Monument  will be protecting you.


Then you can head out of the park at East 79th Street. (Bus stop just to your left)

NYC – Upper East Side near Central Park #5 The North Woods


The North part of Central Park —   The North Woods  is a great walk

If you would like to visit a little bit of the Adirondacks while in NYC, then plan on spending at least a morning or afternoon walking through the North Woods. I have walked in this section many times but I haven’t climbed the great hill. I am told it has a large lawn for sun bathing.

north woods 11_04_12 (31)_blog

You can start this walk from two directions.

  • First is to go to The Meer and walk around the pool (skating rink). Going down some steps, thinking you are at the employee parking lot, keep going, you will soon see a stone arch where when entering you will be transformed into an Adirondack hiker. You are now in The Ravine.


  • The second approach is from the west side of the park (110th Street)  starting at the Pond.  The Pond is a small lake that is surrounded by green lawns with a waterfall at one end and a loch at the other end. This part of the park doesn’t see many tourists and the north woods is like being miles away from Manhattan. It is loaded with dirt trails ideal for exploring.  A nice trip is to go to the end of the pond and  follow the stream into the Ravine.
  • ravine_blog_3_2013

You will really not believe you are in a major city! Look up and down the stream as it flows through the arches and bridges, It truly is an Adirondack marvel. This a great place to eat that snack or drink some of your bottled water – specially sitting near a waterfall on a craggy rock.


The first time a Central Park visitor looks out over the Wildflower Meadow toward the valley called the Ravine that spreads out before them they feel as if they have been transported to the shoulder of a country road into an unimagined fantasy. Descending the grassy slope in what appears to be an unknown expanse of wilderness they are amazed to find a fabulously emerging reality. There is a stream bisecting it called The Loch and a dense forest through which it meanders called the North Woods. Filled with many species of birds, their calls mingle with the distant sound of rushing water. Lost in the wonderment of this new discovery the visitor wanders north along a main path, contained on the meadow side with a low log fence, to discover one source of this music of nature. It is a rocky cascade that sheds a stream of water over a rocky fall. Ahead is the Huddlestone Arch, which leads back into the sobering and soul shattering concrete backyard of the Lasker Pool, a relatively recent addition, which effectively destroyed the continuance of the North Woods.

NYC–Sunday in the Park

My Thoughts

The people of New York City have had a vey difficult time trying to find a way through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Transportation, housing, food electricity, gasoline and the onset of cold weather have created hardships that are difficult to comprehend. At the same time, NYC has been trying to keep other aspects of life as normal as possible. However, running the Marathon was not one of them. It was a late call, but correct!

As I walked around Central Park there were many groups of runners participating in an in-park course. I was struck by the way many of them took advantage of the day and as I spoke with some of  them they were unanimous that cancelling the race was the right thing to do.

In fact, many were donating to the relief effort as well as going to help with the clean up.

I decided that I would not show pictures of the damage to Central Park, rather I would show you the beauty that remains…

The North Woods


north woods 11_04_12 (15)_blog_three 



  north woods 11_04_12 (7)_blog one

north woods 11_04_12 (7)_blog one

north woods 11_04_12 (25)_blog_two

The Conservatory Gardens

north woods 11_04_12 (102)_blog_four

north woods 11_04_12 (83)_fountain_blog_five

north woods 11_04_12 (85)blog_six

north woods 11_04_12 (105)_fountain_4b6_blog_seven

north woods 11_04_12 (129)_statute_5oo_blog_six


north woods 11_04_12 (94)_chrysatheum_blog_eight

NYc Central Park – The Pond, Zoo and Carousel – Revisted

A beautiful place very near the shopping areas of 5th Avenue


Many people like to take a relaxing  walk along the Pond.


         While others may prefer to picnic.

Walking north you pass the Woolman Rink (ice skating the winter and carnival in the summer) – make a decision to visit the carousel or the Zoo. Your choice!

The famed Carousel, with its sweet calliope music and 57 magnificent horses, is the fourth to stand in Central Park since 1871.A live mule or a horse, hidden beneath the Carousel platform, powered the original amusement ride from 1873 until 1924. The animals were taught to start and stop when the operator tapped his foot on the floor. Today, almost 250,000 riders visit each year. On warm days, it’s not uncommon for the line to snake around the popcorn and balloon vendors.During summer months, the Carousel is open seven days a week, weather  permitting Slide Show below

                                        Note: Look carefully here, as you will find many things to see and photograph

      Near this location there are a few buildings of interest.. I leave them for you to discover.

The Central Park Zoo contains two of the Zoo’s most popular guests – polar bears Ida  and Gus. Harbor Seals are nearby as are the Penguins The .Rain Forest houses a brilliant collection of tropical birds, frogs, lizards snakes and toads and a few squirmy things. The Temperate Territory includes the California Sea Lion tank at the center of the exhibit and stretches around the rear of the Zoo.

Note: for people who are not going to visit the zoo there are bathrooms on the lower floor of the Arsenal Building. (Also, a little snack bar). Also, they have some very good free exhibitions in this building – look for signs. Photographers can get nice photos of hte seals being fed ftrom heu pstairs windows. The Zoo restaurant can be entered without going into the zoo. It is pretty much a fast-food place.

 Slide Show below

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NYC – Did you ever hear of the Navy Terrace in Central Park?


Well, I didn’t either? That was until I walked down the steps at the Bethesda Fountain and noticed the brass sign in the pavement. This terrace was dedicated to our service men and women  and was dated 1947. I guess we will need to now say the Bethesda Fountain at the Navy Terrace. Note located along the 72nd Street tranverse.

Here are a few pictures from a short walk I took from east 70th Street up through east 72nd Street along the paths in Central Park.This time of year where everything is springing to life makes you appreciate what you have and where you are.

The Mall, The Fountain and the Arbor are all on every tourists list of things to see.

Central Park – End of spring?

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Just a few pictures from the file (actually September) that had me thinking about the end of Spring.