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NYC – Endangered Bird Murals

Every year, during May, Jane’s Walks organization puts together free walks throughout the boroughs of New York City. One that caught my eye was a walk in the northern Manhattan neighborhood of Hamilton Heights and Washington heights. It is a project that is attempting to create 314 murals of endangered birds. It is called the […]

NYC – Little Italy – Murals

It is always fun to visit Little Italy and China Town. I find that every new trip brings with it  unexpected things to see and do. Also, I often find  places I  have missed during my  last trip. My Blog tries to provide you encourage you to get out and walk… while the  images of NYC  hopefully […]

Street Art in New York City

  Does Street Art add to our culture?   Everywhere you go in New York there seems to be something new.  New York City has some insane architecture that already give its skyline artistic merit. My answer to the question is that street art, decorating all extremities from roofs to bodegas to subway tunnels, really keeps our […]