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NYC – fashion on Madison Avenue – East 70’s

Today I walked up Madison Avenue from east 70th Street to East 86th Street.( We city folk do a lot of walking!) I was impressed with some of the store windows and the quality of what they were selling.C ertainly, fashion is alive and well in this area of Manhattan. Here are my photos of […]

NYC – look down when walking… are your feet talking ?

A Blog idea while looking at window displays along Madison Avenue

NYC – Sex, Trolls and Gangsters and Math too?

Most everyone has gone to a major museum like American Museum of Natural History and the MoMa, However, you may be missing some other smaller museums that are a little quirky and off-beat, but some of them are just downright strange. Here are just a few to add to your list. Reverend Jen’s Lower East […]

NYC – Art Deco on 42nd Street

The Regal E Walk 13 Theater, 42nd Street   This Blog started out to show some pictures of buildings in and around West  42ndStreet.  However, I went to a movie at the above theater and was fascinated by its interior, replete with retro-Art Deco style touches, murals, and enough neon to illuminate 50 pizza parlors. Note: The […]

NYC – A look at the city from my camera lens

I remain busy trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…Didn’t realize how many photographs that I have accumulated. Here is a sample of what I am finding… please excuse attempt to caption them with meaning. Note: Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them