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NYC – enjoy a private art gallery

NYC – enjoy a private art gallery   NYC offers you an opportunity to visit many famous museums. Often though, you may find some of best art there the “other” place might be appreciating works of art in a private gallery. Sometimes it is great to imagine yourself   a person of means. Walking  around  the […]

NYC – 2017 – Chinese New Year – Firecrackers – More

Chinese New Year’s Day Firecracker Festival I got a chance to visit Chinatown during the first day of the Lunar New Year, January 28. this Firecracker Ceremony and Cultural Festival, started a week-long celebration of performances, vendors, and giveaways and on this day, plenty of  firecrackers. This Chinatown  party featured was full of people and […]

NYC – Dreams of a Lottery Win – Special Edition

This “extra” edition is more of a fantasy page but it does refer to real works of art. These are some items I would consider if I won a Lottery. Note: All estimates of value are at the minimum price. Also, thanks to Sotheby’s for sharing their art. Place cursor over photograph for info and  price. […]

NYC – Enjoy a NYC Street Festival

Part of a NYC experience should include either a Street Fair or Festival (links at end of article). The month of May usually begins  the season and it continues throughout the summer and early fall.  The Festivals are quite colorful as they showcase music as well as performers. Of course, each festival will have  the street […]

NYC – Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows + Louis Vuitton + More

  There are only a few major stores in NYC that create Christmas Windows. Bergdorf Goodman, I feel is the most creative of all the stores.The creative departments at Bergdorf Goodman created a set of windows celebrating the arts. For their main windows they settled on literature, architecture,theater, painting,music, dance sculpture and film.The literature window has been […]

NYC – UnFair Art Show

THE(UN)FAIR was an alternative to the Armory Art Fair and just a block away. I think its goal was to show the public that Art can be shown and appreciated in a less formal setting than  cookie-cutter fairs. Housed in an older building _  three floors up _  the walls, floors and ceilings  held over […]

A Blog you will really like -The Caffeinated Day Tripper

I have come across a blog that I found enjoyable to read. It is very clever, funny and informative… I am pleased to share the following excerpt with you… About The Caffeinated Day Tripper The Caffeinated Day Tripper is a blog for the great adventurers among us; the Lewis and Clark’s (and Clark W. Griswolds) of our highways, byways […]