NYC – Halloween

Every day in NYC is a party, but Halloween in New York is a holiday not to be missed! Enjoy Halloween activities for kids, families, and grown-ups throughout the month of October, and make sure to catch the nation’s largest public Halloween celebration at the annual New York Village Halloween Parade!


NYC – Central Park – Conservatory Garden Summer 2014

NYC – Central Park – Conservatory Garden 2014   Recently, I re-visited the Conservatory Gardens. It was a warm day and I  went to see the flowers. To my surprise, there are not many in bloom but the gardens were still beautiful as well as peaceful. Many families were  sitting on the benches and enjoying the shade. I spent some time just taking photos of people, flowers etc. Here are a few that may be of interest.

The entrance


The Astor Gates
The Astor Gates

IMG_5145   Conservatory Gardens –  East 105th and 5th Avenue

A General Overview

It was a hot day for all


The cool mist and shade from the sun


Always something interesting



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NYC – Chinatown – Hand Fans


Chinatown – first of three in series

The fan has a long history in Chinese culture. Since ancient times, along with the changes from one dynasty to another, the function of the fan has also changed. The fan was originally used for blocking the view, the sun or the wind and for keeping cool. Later on, people wrote poems and painted paintings on fans. In addition, they can act as tools during the artistic performance like pingtan (an art of Suzhou City), drama, dance and other folk arts. In the ancient times, dancers liked to hold fans while dancing, and the preference has been handed down until now. The fan dance has become a dancing art with distinctive Chinese characteristics.


The fan, which is made of thin bamboo strips, thin silks, feathers, leaves of sunflowers, and papers, is a traditional Chinese handicraft used for cooling. Fans, for they can bring people cool, were called “Shelter from the Sun” in ancient China, and called “Cool Friends” by the literati. The craftwork fans as commodities, which are made of bamboos, trees, papers, fans, ivories, hawksbills, jades, feathers of fowls, leaves of palms and arecas, stalks of wheat, and stems of cattails, can be produced in a variety of types with graceful shapes and exquisite structures. China is always regarded as the kingdom of fans.  Today you have to go to specialized shops to find authentic fans.


Those sold on the street are mostly plastic but still colorful and elaborate.



NYC – A Christmas Card – My Neighborhood

christmas Tree_boarder
Christmas In The Heart
~ Anonymous
It is Christmas in the mansion,
Yule-log fires and silken frocks;
It is Christmas in the cottage,
Mother’s filling little socks.
It is Christmas in the flower shop,
In the busy, neighborhood;
But the dearest truest Christmas
Is the Christmas in the heart.
At this time of year, , I continue to enjoy my NYC neighborhood –   Yorkville.  As we celebrate Christmas and the New Year 2014, my wish for each of you is health, happiness and prosperity.
The above tree was created by Eric landgraf Florist.


tree ornaments_edited-1

mansion composite brown finished_edited-1
The Mansion Restaurant
mouse up the clock
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

September – Farmer’s markets

During August I usually try to get some locally grown sweet-corn.  All year I get to visit many of the NYC farmer’s markets but the arrival of corn begins a time to not only enjoy the taste of sweet corn but to marvel at the color of the produce that is displayed.

food poster


In 19th century New York City, it was not uncommon for the poor and working-class to buy baked goods, produce, and even meat, downstairs in the open air from sidewalk peddlers in front of their tenement buildings.

Today there are Farmer’s markets, Farm Stands, Road-side-wagons and assorted other names for buying fresh produce from local farms.

Hopefully, the following photos will give you the incentive to either visit a market in the city or take a ride outside the city to enjoy Nature’s Bounty.

Map of NYC Farmer’s Markets

Here are a few fun photographs

NYC – Secret Gardens – Summer 2013

I am still enjoying the summer, I am starting to feel the need to Blog – but it is only a feeling. So, week, I will be posting a reference or two  about  NYC  summer events for 2013.

Finding Secret Gardens in NYC.


also, archive Blog

NYC People #1 – reprise

I reprised this blog to remind you to bring your camera when you stroll  outside. All kinds and types of individuals begin to appear when the weather begins to warm up. Often, For me,  people add to the story I am trying to tell or show. Remember to be respectful and for that close-up – always ask first!

Location of People in pictures: Upper left-Clockwise: Central Park ); Central Park; Bryant Park; East Village; Schurz Park); Schurz Park; Central Park; Upper east side; 42nd  Street; The met; and the center Central Park.

NYC – Street Fairs – Information -Memo

NYC Street Fairs

This the time that Street Fairs start appearing throughout the city. Today’s Blog will be of a quick memo.

Here is a good resource for finding locations and dates of some street fairs. Also, there are excellent pictures showing what items  can be bought while browsing. Have Fun!

NYC Street Fairs

This is not the only site but it is concise and easy to use

NYC – Iconic Building Sculptures along Park Av 2013


Alexandre Arrechea’s No Limits, a new site-specific installation transforms New York City’s famed Park Avenue with 10 large scale sculptures embodying New York’s most prominent buildings. Iconic landmarks represented include:

  • Chrysler Building, Citicorp Center,
  • Empire State Building, Flatiron building,
  • Helmsley Building, MetLife Building,
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower, Seagram Building,
  • Sherry Netherland, and US Courthouse.

The sculptures, which will appear to roll, wind, and spin their way down Park Avenue from 54th to 67th Street, reach towering heights of up to 20 feet.

I took a walk down Park Avenue on a beautiful sunny Sunday. Here are some photographs ( One Click on photo for slide show)

NYC – Time for Spring

One of my favorite times of year, is the onset of spring;

A time when my sleepy soul, once more, begins to sing.

Spring is a season, which I really look forward to;

Excerpt from a poem by Angela Wybrow

time blog_with bunnies

Window at  Eric C. Landgraf Florist