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NYC – fashion on Madison Avenue – East 70’s

Today I walked up Madison Avenue from east 70th Street to East 86th Street.( We city folk do a lot of walking!) I was impressed with some of the store windows and the quality of what they were selling.C ertainly, fashion is alive and well in this area of Manhattan. Here are my photos of […]

NYC – A Brief stop at the Time Warner Building – Columbus Circle

  I had an errand to do near West 57th Street Eighth Avenue and on the way back home I passed a building that was definitely crammed in between two larger buildings what might be the smallest mid-town building . Opposite it were these “stoned” people.   I then decided to stop at the  Time […]

NYC – Holiday windows of Madison Avenue

It seems that every Christmas I get to walk down Madison Avenue. This year, I only walked one block – but what a block. Stores like Choe, Gucci and  Prada are but a few stores with interesting windows – they were not really holiday oriented (my opinion) but all featured the same accessory. HANDBAGS   […]

NYC -East 70’s – a quick look at fashion and food along the Avenues

      Many people explore the city by walking near a major tourist attraction, but try venturing a little further away . You may find a greater mix of stores and restaurants that may be more interesting and affordable. Lately, I took a walk from Lexington Avenue along East 73rd Street heading towards the East […]

NYC – A block on Elizabeth Street (Little Italy)

This blog contains three parts – The Park, The Shops & Galleries and Trivia  The Park There is a small park – Elizabeth Street Gardens – on Elizabeth Street , between Prince & Spring streets (Little Italy) that is very unusual. While not open all the time it is a great place to have lunch (bring […]

NYC – 57th and 5th Avenue – dogs + dogs + horses + birds = Bergdorf-Goodman, Louis Vuittion

Thought you might like to see what fashions are being shown in NYC. I stayed around 57th Street and captured some of the window displays.   Bergdorf – Goodman Louis Vuinttan    Too soon or not soon enough?   Special Photograph…selfie /

NYC – Madison ave near Grand Central Station

Midtown East Midtown Manhattan is the busiest single commercial district in the United States and ranks among the most intensely used pieces of real estate in the world. This blog covers only a small part of Midtown East. It is just a few blocks north of Grand Central.  I imagine it as a walk that […]