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NYC – Quick visit to Sotheby’s Auction House

I made a quick visit into Sotheby’s to visit their show rooms. Here are some samples of Contemporary Art. (click to enlarge) Most of these will be going  to auction.

NYC – Statue of Liberty – Mini

NYC – Statue of Liberty – Mini

Today,  I was off to watch the St Patrick’s Day Parade. I thought that the area  around the east 60’s and Central Park would be best. From the subway at Lexington Ave I made my way down Lex to east 61st Street On my walks I slow my pace and try to enjoy the walk […]

NYC – East Village_ St Mark’s Place – Theatre 80 – Original Hollywood Theater?

  As I was looking at the Mosaic Lampposts on 8th Street and St Marks Place, I tried to remember what the street looked like back in the late 60’s. I was not part of the culture but simply a tourist looking at the strange goings-on in the East Village. The street was crowded and […]

NYC – Homes on Shaded Street – Open House

Homes on Shaded Street – Open House   It seems that a builder has erected 17 colorful houses of different shapes and sizes on  East 83rd Street between York and East End Avenues. Many of them are still empty and awaiting new arrivals. I should probably mention that these homes are attached to trees and poles […]

NYC – St Mark’s Place – Unique Lampposts

Here is a November 2016 update http://astorplace.nyc/events/mosaic-pole-dedication-jim-power   On many walks you may find yourself just wandering around. Hopefully, you might stumble onto something that in unusual, different or never seen before. (By you!) The East Village is always a great place to wander. I was standing on the corner of St Marks and 2nd […]

NYC – Sotheby’s – At Home Designer SHowcase

  At Home designer show house  Sotheby’s If you follow my blog you know that,occasionally, I drop into Sotheby’s Auction House. It is a living museum that is free. Also, I write and show photos because it in an out-0f-the-way location. I imagine most readers will never get to visit this part of Manhattan East […]

NYC – East of east 23rd Street

  I have always been curious about what is at the end of east 23rd Street. It seems like a world away from the usual NYC. Well, curiosity has been met and here is a brief  look at  the far side of 23rd Street at the East River. It is not a glamorous view of […]