Witches in NYC

Almost every weekend there is a street fair or festival going on somewhere throughout New York City. This weekend I visited a Witchsfest at Astor Square.

It is always fun to see events that feature “cultures” so different than mine. There were vendors highlighting witchy, New Age, Gothic and steampunk – I have no idea what these are?

And you can take home a magic item made right before your eyes.

It was interesting to see how many spectators were interested in witchcraft.

Jewish Museum – worth the visit



If you have been following my blog then you know that I try to take walks in many neighborhoods. In previous articles, I have mentioned that there are times during the week when museums are either free or pay-as-you-wish. Also, there are some that are “donations”.

Here is a link to a list of museums and their admission policies.

 Today, I visited the Jewish Museum on East 90th Street and 5th Avenue during a Saturday afternoon.

It is a smallish museum that gets overlooked – but definitely visit if you enjoy history, art and culture. The first 2 floors usually display current exhibitions while the upper floors house the permanent exhibition which has more artifacts related to Jewish heritage and history. The exhibits are very informative and interesting even if you’re not Jewish. Since the exhibit is presented in chronological order, start at the beginning on the fourth floor and walk your way down through time.

Since I encourage you to find, on your own,  interesting things – the following is but a glimpse of what is in the Museum.









 Nicole Eisenman’s Seder



 Masterpieces & Curiosities    and   Repetition and Difference






This is a small exhibition where each portrait is activated by kaleidoscopic lighting. The models have preternaturally large, sparkling eyes that are painted on their closed lids, a well-known Doll Girls technique, and stare out at the visitor with an uncanny, alien gaze.