NYC – NYC Public Library – Remembering the 60s


NYC has so much to offer and many times you can enjoy them cost-free. The 42nd Street Public Library has rotating exhibitions as well as opportunity to visit inside a really big library with lots of character. An added bonus is just a few blocks away from Times Square, Rockefeller Center and maybe the Empire Building.


PART ONE – Exhibition

NYC Public Library – Remembering the 60s

By accident, I came across this exhibition on one of my walks. The 42nd Street Public Library is  celebrating the 1960s, This exhibition explores the breadth and significance of this era—from communal living and forays into expanded consciousness to tensions around race, politics, sexuality, and the environment.

There are many items on display, including Timothy Leary’s notes on acid trips, footage of the Woodstock music festival, and posters used in protest against the Vietnam War.

Ends September 1st, 2018



PART TWO – Its character

The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building (formal name) is renowned for the extraordinary comprehensiveness of its historical collections as well as its commitment to providing free and equal access to its resources and facilities. It houses some 15 million items, among them priceless medieval manuscripts, ancient Japanese scrolls, contemporary novels and poetry, as well as baseball cards, dime novels, and comic books his time, I was more interested in the feel and look of the inside reading rooms.   (Click to enlarge)


You can read more about the history of the library here.

Extra photographs


hint: Opposite the front steps of the libraRy is east 43rd Street which is callled library row, it may be worth the short walk.

NYC – Gotham – Superman – The Daily News Building

Once the home of  Superman and a Vintage Globe – The Daily News

I suppose not many people go east of the Chrysler Building on east 42nd Street but those who do, will enjoy one of the city’s most historic Art Deco structures. The Daily News Building.



This was the home of America’s first tabloid newspaper, the illustrious Daily News, until 1995. The outside of the building is exceptional enough on its own; a giant mural carved above the entrance in the Art Deco style depicts working Manhattanites under an illuminated sky.


But on walking into the building, you will  find a  spectacular architectural sight: a vintage globe that nearly dwarfs onlookers. IMG_1697 The globe is 12 feet in diameter and weighs approximately 4,000 pounds. It makes a full rotation every ten minutes, moving
144 times faster than the actual planet.12276380584_3f43e2dbfb_o


But it gets even better. Above the globe, an enormous rotunda made of faceted black glass extends upward, intended to depict outer space:



The giant globe was featured as part of the fictional Daily Planet in Richard Donner’s Superman films. The lobby still shows photographs of Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent and Margot Kidder as Lois Lane at work in the hectic newspaper offices.

I added the Superman image


Accompanying the massive model are brass meteorological instruments giving the day’s rainfall, wind velocity, and atmospheric pressure, ornate clocks give the time in far-flung destinations such as Panama, Casablanca, Belgrade, and Berlin.IMG_1716

Inscribed on the floor surrounding the globe are the distances to such exotic locales as Cairo, Gibraltar, and the North Pole, suggesting to visitors not already bowled over by the remarkable lobby that New York was indeed the center of the world.


Also on display in the lobby is this gorgeous time zone clock, which features New York City time in the center…. surrounded by 16 miniature clock faces depicting time throughout the world.


Finally, as you exit the building, be sure to look up……where you’ll see a gorgeous period clock overhead.


And best of all, walking through the doors is like traveling back in time to the 1930s.

NYC – Art Deco on 42nd Street

The Regal E Walk 13 Theater, 42nd Street


This Blog started out to show some pictures of buildings in and around West  42ndStreet.

 However, I went to a movie at the above theater and was fascinated by its interior, replete with retro-Art Deco style touches, murals, and enough neon to illuminate 50 pizza parlors.

Note: The above photos were taken with my Iphone4.

Some related History

 The Regal is a symbol of the ‘new’ Times Square (built roughly on the same site of a definitive symbol of the old Times Square – the former 24-hour porn grindhouse, the Harem Theatre) But in-between now and then it was called Loews 42nd Street E-Walk. In 2006 it was sold to the Regal Entertainment Group and opened its doors on November 12, 1999.

  Many younger people may not know that 42nd Street was once known for its burlesque and sex shows. Somewhere around the middle seventies,a movement was started to clean up 42nd street and Times Square, many of the burlesque shows were closed and new buildings started to be erected. Today, Times Square and the streets surrounding it have become more family friendly. (However, There are still a few “peep” shows in the area).

Photos -below – from Google