NYC Grand Army Plaza Manhattan

So what is so special about the corner of 5th avenue and e 59th street?

Answer: The corner is the location of the famous “Plaza Hotel”, The Apple Store and several prominent 5th  avenue shops – It’s a busy area.

The Plaza Hotel faces the Grand Army Plaza – southern entrance to Central Park. I encourage you to go inside and experience the feel of this grand hotel. Definitely see the Oak Room and the Palm Court.Also, the hotel has been the site for famous performers and guests.

Lisa Minnelli     The Beatles    Charlie Sheen     Michael Douglas    Catherine Zeta Jones


The fountain outside the Plaza Hotel, at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue, will be home to 12 monumental bronze animal heads sculptured by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei starting May 2 and continuing through July 15.The sculpture, “Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads,”  is quite interesting..

Facing the hotel is the Grand Army Plaza the south-eastern entrance to Central Park.The area is a lively place  as there are horse-carriages for hire, colorful flowers and definitely, plenty of people. Go in any direction from here to make your own discoveries.

The Mall

This is going south from the 72nd street cross road

At the end of the Mall there are many places to enjoy. The following places are in this area:

  • The Carousel
  • Tavern on the Green –Closed
  • Wollman Rink – winter: ice-skating  Summer: a carnival
  • The Dairy
  • The Pond
  • The Zoo

Central Park – 72nd Street Cross Road Area

The Middle of the Park – 72nd Street Cross Road

We are going to start in the middle of park entering at the 72nd street cross-road. It really doesn’t matter from which side of the park you enter. You will meet plenty of people and it is quite safe during the non-evening hours.

 The most prominent place in the park may very well be the Bethesda Terrace, it is the first structure erected in the park.

 The focal point, apart from the Terrace itself, is the Lake.

The Lake is bounded by

  • Ramble,
  • Boathouse,
  • Terrace and
  • The west side of the park.

Walk along the western path from the Terrace to the most photographed bridge – Bow Bridge.

To the east is the Conservatory Pond. During nice weather you can rent radio controlled sailboats. To the west is Strawberry Fields.

Hint: There is a snack bar and rest rooms at the Conservatory Pond. Also, there is a restaurant and rest rooms at the Boathouse.

The following are pictures taken in this area… have fun finding them and I am sure you will enjoy finding your discoveries. Remember that Central Park is beautiful during every season.

next: we will stay in the park but move north