A forgotten Garden in Fredericksburg VA – was to be part of The National Slave Museum.

UPDATED WITH 2017 PHOTOS – AT END OF ARTICLE. Tucked away in a remote area of Fredericksburg VA is a small garden – The spirit of Freedom – A somewhat forgotten part of what was to be The National Slave Museum. In 2013, mostly overgrown it is tended to, occasionally, by a young student who […]

Petersburg, Virginia – coming back

Growing up, busses were very popular. Kate and I stopped in Petersburg, Virginia and I noticed an old bus Terminal. Maybe you still have an old toy bus somewhere? If so, post a pic of it on FB…

An Old Tavern – Summer Touring – Maine

Now that summer is upon us, it is time to start thinking about visiting places outside of New York City While in Southern Maine, I missed a road and the GPS gave me directions to get back on track., Following the new route, I came across an old Tavern that certainly I would have missed […]

NYC — small Art Galleries worth visiting

This is a follow-up from a previous post Fall in Central Park –Metropolitan Museum Area Today, I visited three very small art galleries just a half-block from 5th Avenue on east 79th Street. While they might not be your primary destination, I am confident it will add to your NYC experience.   Let’s get our bearings. Just […]

NYC – Small things add to Chinatown’s charm

  This is a short piece just to remind us that there are still plenty of obscure things to find while visiting or re-visiting a city. Looking at the photo below you immediately know you are in Chinatown. Streets are  filled with all kinds of imagery.   We have all heard that the sum of […]

NYC _ Trivia – 2015 addition

How many lakes in Central Park? Actually lakes are called waterbodies, as they are man-made. Answer and more below.   “How Many” Things Do You Know About Central Park? 1. How many bodies of water are there? 2. How many benches? 3. How many bridges? 4. How many sports fields? 5. How many movies have […]

A Blog you will really like -The Caffeinated Day Tripper

I have come across a blog that I found enjoyable to read. It is very clever, funny and informative… I am pleased to share the following excerpt with you… About The Caffeinated Day Tripper The Caffeinated Day Tripper is a blog for the great adventurers among us; the Lewis and Clark’s (and Clark W. Griswolds) of our highways, byways […]