NYC – The North Woods-Ravine and more

Read – Construction in the area March 20, 2021

updated for future planning

This year where traveling is limited and keeping a safe distance is hard to achieve, why not a nice walk in the woods. [ the photos are from a fall walk but it is a nice walk in any season.

The North Woods is located at the very northern part of Central Park. It has the feeling of being in the woods. It is a little off the typical tourist area but on a nice day is worth a visit.

You can start this walk from two directions.

The first is from the Meer and walk west and then around the pool where, in a parking lot, (maybe construction detours during 2021) you will see a stone arch You are now in The Ravine. The second approach is from the west side (1ooth Street) starting at the Pond.  The Pond is a small lake with green lawns, a waterfall and a loch at the other end. Walk to the end of the pond and  follow the stream into the Ravine.

There is much more to see in this part of the park. Here is an excellent link with a good map here.


NYC – Is this the most northern lake in Manhattan?



It is quite a hike from one end of the Central Park to the other. I assure you that a visit to the northern region is well worth the trip. (maybe take a bus up Madison Avenue). Among the treasures of this “North woods” area is the Harlem Meer – where a beautiful lake will greet you. Also there is a boathouse – Dana Discovery Center  It is on the Harlem Meer(Lake) Note: The building houses bathrooms and has displays as well as free fishing equipment. Also, easy to get to it is at 5th ave and 110th street. (Click on picture for larger view)


Residing in a unique setting to the east of the North Woods and very much in harmony with that woodland landscape is the Harlem Meer (the word meer in Dutch meaning “small sea”).
It is a large water space stretching from the east perimeter of Central Park to the central part of Central Park covering 11-acres in all. Like the Lake it has a meandering and diverse shoreline. The Meer is surrounded by a variety of trees including ginkgo, cypress, beech, oak and fragrant black locusts, which sweetly scent the air during mid spring. In the spring roses can be seen blooming on its shores and during the summer colorful hydrangeas grace the entrance of the Cove.
Summer also brings wildflowers that bloom around the water’s edge of the Meer which includeJoe-pye Weed, New York Ironweed, Boneset and Pickerelweed.

Two places that you should definately vist are the Ravine and the “North Woods”. I guarantee that tou will thinkyou are somewhere in the mountains.