NYC – Pulaski Day Parade 2019

Thousands of Polish-Americans marched down 5th Avenue paying tribute to their heritage. Participants came from the tri-state area.

Every weekend, New York City hosts activities that can be enjoyed free of charge and enjoyed by all. This is but one of many events that makes a visit to NYC an added joy.

Many of the participants, as well as the spectators, are dressed in red/white.

NYC – Greek Independance Day Parade – one of many this year

NYC – Greek Independence Day Parade

Now that the weather is getting warmer the city will begin having more parades. Today, many families came out to celebrate Greek Independence  I highlight some parades to remind you that these free events can make your NYC experience just a little bit better. Like today’s event, families dress in authentic costumes and are proud to demonstrate their heritage.


As usual. it is a great time for politicians to get out in front of the crowd

And for added fun …

The following sites will give advance info as to events happening in NYC




NYC Events – Small Parades – don’t miss them.

While walking around the city, I sometimes run into a small event such as a parade or block party. These are the times when the city really shows off its diversity.



Many people are familiar with parades such as the West Indian, Puerto Rican and St. Patrick’s Day parade. Occasionally though, the smaller parades demonstrate the culture, history and music of unique nationalities. Sometimes, you can enjoy and maybe even move and dance to their music.

This past week, Nigeria celebrated its independence with a parade and participants wearing traditional and lively African costumes really enjoyed themselves – I did too!

I encourage you, when visiting NYC, to look for these small events that can add to your enjoyment of the city. Google to find events or festivals and street fairs – there are many sites to choose from.

ps: Many times there is geat food to be had as well!

NYC – Sikh Day Parade – 2016

Sikh Day Parade

Devout Sikhs walk backward sweeping the street, as an act of religious devotion

One of many reasons I like to walk around New York City is experiencing the diverse festivals and parades going on almost every weekend. I specifically enjoy being among people of different cultures and religions while they are celebrating their heritage. This weekend thousands of people regaled in vibrant, traditional orange and blue gathered for the Sikh Day Parade. I have little knowledge of this religion so I copied the following as a brief introduction to my photographs.


Sikhism is the world’s fifth-largest religion, a monotheistic faith founded in the Punjab region of India about 500 years ago. Most of the world’s 25 million Sikhs live in India, but more than 500,000 make the U.S. their home. Additional information can be found  here.

Sikhs wearing vibrantly colored turbans parading to the sound of beating drums will commemorate a tradition centuries old.







NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade – “People Watching”

Special Edition

The Puerto Rican Day parade is one the largest parades held in NYC. I think it has thousands of people marching and probably a million people watching. It is a very joyous and happy event. I have tried to capture the color and spirit of the day.Hopefully, the photos speak for themselves.