NYC – West 70th Street to West 58th Street -Riverside Drive – a lot of glass

                        I did find a park amongst them and there were plenty of pre-schools along the way so I imagine quite a few people live in this area.  

NYC – enjoy a private art gallery

NYC – enjoy a private art gallery   NYC offers you an opportunity to visit many famous museums. Often though, you may find some of best art there the “other” place might be appreciating works of art in a private gallery. Sometimes it is great to imagine yourself   a person of means. Walking  around  the […]

NYC – Gotham – Superman – The Daily News Building

Once the home of  Superman and a Vintage Globe – The Daily News I suppose not many people go east of the Chrysler Building on east 42nd Street but those who do, will enjoy one of the city’s most historic Art Deco structures. The Daily News Building.   This was the home of America’s first […]

NYC – Library Walk – a good place to look down.

Library Walk Walking in NYC can be fun and often leads you to find something different and new. Many of us are busy looking up, at our urban mountains,  but if you look down on East 41st Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues, you’ll find 96 bronze plaques embedded in the sidewalk. These blocks are […]

NYC – Doors – our public signatures

During the holiday, I received, as a gift, a book. This book “Door Jams – amazing doors of New York City” photographed by Allan Markman  provides the viewer with an extraordinary look at maybe overlooked pieces of art. This book is a masterpiece of excellent photography. It provided me with an idea to see what […]

NYC – East of east 23rd Street

  I have always been curious about what is at the end of east 23rd Street. It seems like a world away from the usual NYC. Well, curiosity has been met and here is a brief  look at  the far side of 23rd Street at the East River. It is not a glamorous view of […]