NYC – Flowers an Inspiration

A limited series that first appeared on Facebook and Instagram

Taking a little break from the streets of NYC to highlight the flowers that help make our visual world so interesting.

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How to enjoy a Sunny Day in NYC

Yesterday, I noticed an article about Digital Art Month. What interested me was a their plan to have an art display along 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue. The day was sunny and mild and just waiting for a leisurely walk.

So, off I go!

I decided to begin at 57th Street and 5th Avenue and then head up 5th Ave to east 61st Street and then up along Madison Avenue.

Using their map. I set off on my journey. For whatever reasons, I found only a few of the displays(However, It could have been my inability to recognize them).

Having walked several locks I decided to walk back to where I began. I wondered if I could add something to this walk ? Just to be outside on a pleasant day is good enough.

Mid Town Fashion

I thought this was a little different. In hind sight I would have set the camera to manual focus
East 59th Street
Van Cleef & Arpels Jewelry
Michael Kors

Madison Avenue Art Displays

Central Park

Contemporary Art

Please stay safe. Avoid large crowds, wear your mask, stay outside and keep moving?

NYC – Wooden Toys -Did you play with them?

Here is your chance to see wooden toys from early on to now.

Bard Graduate Center Gallery

September 18, 2015 – January 17, 2016


This has to be another one of the often missed treat of visiting New York City.


While I was checking out Central Park’s foliage, I decided to walk over to Broadway via west 86th Street.  I noticed IMG_0258toysa poster about wooden toys on this small brownstone -18 West 86th Street (between Columbus and Central Park West).


The gallery is small and covers three floors (elevator). The exhibit is well planned and I enjoyed following the progression of farm toys to the most professional. There is a suggested fee of $5 and $10 but you can pay what you want.



There are more than 300 playthings dating from the 17th to the early 21st century. For anyone interested in antique toys a visit will be full of nostalgia. It would also be fun to show your children or grandchildren toys from a time when there was comparatively simple objects for children’s entertainment.



I really enjoyed looking at all the toys and reading the the descriptions of them.

Not going? Here are additional photos

NYC – taking a break from the city

Time to take a few weeks off. Hopefully, these photos will get me in the mood for a good vacation. See you all very soon.

flower loglondon

















NYC – Doors – our public signatures

During the holiday, I received, as a gift, a book. This book “Door Jams – amazing doors of New York City” photographed by Allan Markman  provides the viewer with an extraordinary look at maybe overlooked pieces of art.

This book is a masterpiece of excellent photography. It provided me with an idea to see what doors might be found in east mid-Manhattan. My photos are simply “record shots” of doors, I could only hope to someday achieve the quality of Mr Markman’s work.


It is interesting to find so many different doors in just one small area of NYC




Fun Stuff

Just Like A Kid Again

I found a web site where you can leave your worries behind and once again view the world with a sense of wonder.  This enjoyable site will remind you of the experiences, toys, games, treats or pretty much anything that will allow you to remember what it’s like to live Just Like A Kid Again.

Here is a sample:

Life Is A Highway

I am not usually a fan of cars.  They’re stuffy, noisy, dangerous and finding parking in my city is more difficult than… than… well it’s pretty much impossible so it’s more difficult than anything else I can think of.  One big ball of stress if you ask me.  We here at JLAKA love to seek ways to roll back the clock and experience things in a way that you would have before life got complicated.  The solution to this problem is clearly go-cart racing!!  Wind in your hair – check, low consequence collisions – check, vehicles without horns – check, give the car back when you’re done beating your friends to the finish line – checkmate!  Zooming around the track makes you remember what it was like to see cars as the ultimate freedom machines.  Push down the gas pedal and go wherever the open road can take you.  Whether your hero is Mario Andretti, Jack Kerouac, or Jeff Gordon using a lawn mower engine to zoom around a track rather than take up your Saturday is a great way to set yourself free.  What a man in his mid thirties looks like in a go-cart…

Marking Time

This is really my procrastination Blog. It seems that for so many years I went to work after a summer vacation, Now, some might say, I have  a year-long vacation.  I need to create more pages and  this means that I will have to get active again. So, I am just posting this picture and will be dreaming of this past summer . I will eventually get started…

 I think I am seeing faces in this picture?