Macy’s Flower Show – 2017

Saturday, I missed my subway stop and head to go to the next one. Adjust and switch platforms, go back and regroup…End result I had to get off at Herald Square. I walked out of the subway looking straight at Macy’s windows full of flowers. Well it wasn’t my original destination – which was Korea […]

NYC – A break in the routine with a touch of Spring


NYC – Fall in Central Park -Metropolitan Museum Area

Fall in Central Park I was near the Metropolitan Museum (5th Ave/ 84th Street) when I got thinking that many people who visit the Museum may not know what is behind the building. So here are a few photographs from the park, I started from 5th Avenue and east 84th Street through the park ending […]

Framed Flowers

Thinking of spring? ss

NYC – Unusual Flowers in a local Park

I cannot pass a flower that I don’t try to photograph it. Today, I spotted two large flowers – almost twelve inches wide –  that seemed to just appear overnight. The next two photographs are close-up,hopefully, to  make them more interesting. The following two photographs will give you an idea as to their setting in […]

Summer Flowers

Summer     Flowers Many people enjoy the summer weather and activities of the season. Also, many enjoy the color and variety of garden flowers. I was fortunate to capture some interesting flowers this past week. I don’t often use pictures that I post on Facebook but I hope that these four will add to your […]


This is about the time of year that I start looking at the flower gardens in and around my neighborhood. Often, from year to year,the flowers take on a different appearance.  It is almost as if I am seeing them for the first time – I wonder if is the light or the time of day?  […]