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This blog will focus on Manhattan and the things that I have discovered. It seems that every street has its own story to tell. My hope is that my pictures  will encourage you to take a walk in your neighborhood and discover a story that is yet to be told.This blog will not be comprehensive nor is it a travel guide. It will be a snapshot of this wonderful and magnificent borough where I identify the general area(s) and Hopefully, you will add your own discoveries to those shown here.

There is no rhyme or reason as to where to walk – just step out in any direction and remember to look, listen and enjoy.

On occassion, I may write about places that I visit when traveling.

4 comments on “My Blog

  1. Wonderful North Woods description and charming and informative hand drawn map. Thanks. You and your grandsons will also enjoy the Peter J Sharp Children’s Glade, not identified but just southwest of the Great Hill on your map (an area you labeled C.P.West above 103St).


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