Forgotten or Lost? WW1 Memorial

Today a group of people who visited a world War I Memorial in Central Park published a post in a local blog. It was a visit to the WWI 307th Infantry Regiment Memorial Grove.

I must confess having explored Central Park, for several years, this was new to me. The memorial is in a grove dedicated to the  WWI 307th Infantry Regiment.

The Grove is an area of Central Park located just south of the Band Shell, surrounded on all four sides by paved walkways.

The area of the Grove originally was covered with grass, consistent with the adjacent areas of the park. However, a number of years ago, the grass was replaced with wood chips, apparently as a result of soil erosion and insufficient sunlight below the tall tree canopy.

The Regiment participated in the following campaigns: Oise-Aisne, Meuse-Argonne, Champagne, and Lorraine. Company K was a member of the “Lost Battalion“.

The lost battalion — outnumbered, outmaneuvered and outguessed — was cut off from other American forces along the Western Front. It was also hit by friendly fire and stunned by German flamethrowers. A captain was so badly wounded he leaned on rifles as crutches as he continued to give orders to the single surviving machine-gunner. The casualties were almost unfathomable: By the time reinforcements finally arrived, 107 soldiers had been killed, 190 were wounded and 63 were missing. Little more than a third of the unit, 194 of the original 554 soldiers, escaped unhurt.

After the war, young trees were planted in the grove—each representing one of the regiment’s companies—which features a memorial plaque naming the men of that company who died in battle. One of those plaques specifically honors the fallen members of Company H, 307th Infantry Regiment, including baseball great CPT Edward (“Eddie”) L. Grant.

The Grove also contains the 307th Infantry Regiment Stone, with its plaque honoring all companies, and the Knights of Pythias Stone.

Thanks to the group for sharing…

I later noticed that there had been a movie made about the Lost Battalion.

Author: thom bradley

I am an educator who has worked in Woodstock NY, Rhinebeck NY, Salisbury CT and who has lived in Rhinebeck, Wilmington NC and New York City. I have been interested in photography since the '60s. I enjoy walking as a hobby and have taken quite a few pictures during these strolls. I share some of these adventures on or I

3 thoughts on “Forgotten or Lost? WW1 Memorial”

  1. My Grandfather served in the Army in ww1. Thomas Franklin Workman. And two other wars. My Father served in the Airforce. In Japan and learned electronics. But never served in any war. Later He honored His Country by serving His Family during this drug war. And he received an Urn Nation. And received His last request to be layed to rest with my Mother Vicenta V. Villapudua. His second wife. And His Mother Rosalynn Osborn. In King City Missouri. My Fathers first wife and Mother to my older sisters name was Joan Buchanan. The same name as the only single president to serve the Whitehouse. Their three daughters names are Rhonda, Linda, and Mary. And one Son David lee Workman. My Mothers first husbands name was Lyman Davis Mckee. Who adopted my sister Blanca. Born of Mexico. And had my two brothers Albert davis Mckee and David Michael Mckee. And finally my sister Kindra lee workman. And me. The youngest. My Mother once said of her divorce from Mr. Mckee that he had a bone missing from his nose at birth. To explain her divorce on the grounds of willful cruelty. He wanted my mother to put my brother David Michael Mckee up for adoption. Because he looked black.


  2. Its interesting because my sister Blanca was born on pearl harbor day. My mother was born on the day the surrendered on the uss missouri. And my daughter was Christina Marie Workman was born on the same day that they bombed heroshima. My Grandchildren were taken from her by cps. Only to place them in a boys and girls boarding house. Much like lincoln who was tended to by doctors. Christian, Heaven, and Anthony Workman. Are the names of my grandchildren. Johnson wanted to designate june 6 th as a day of rememberance for what had been done to a good man. But his staff told him we cant do that sir that is the day the religious people believe their savior ascended to heaven. My daughter cries all the time that her children are not that bad that they should not have separate them the way they have. And personally im a little more than disgusted with their whole logic. As i believe in order to establish the whole truth that they too be set free and returned to my daughter.

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