Egg Cream and a visit to NYC.

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“When I was a young man – no bigger than this
A chocolate egg cream was not to be missed
Some U Bet’s Chocolate Syrup, seltzer water mixed with milk
Stir it up into a heady fro – tasted just like silk.

“You scream, I steam, We all want Egg Cream.”

From the song, EGG CREAM, words and music by Lou Reed.

Most visitors to New York arrive keen to sample the city’s culinary delights, but while pretzels, bagels and jumbo deli sandwiches figure highly on many tourists’ food shopping lists, the egg cream is as foreign as it gets.

Everybody has egg cream memories. You may have them and not even be aware. One in six Americans trace their family roots back to Brooklyn, New York.

For those of you interested in the historical details, it is rumored that the first product that could be described as an egg cream was developed during the early 1890’s.

How its made

It’s essentially the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit,

Sometime around 1920, the Lower East Side of Manhattan also claimed origination of an egg cream formula. [To this day, a source of debate.]

Many  of the traditional fountain services began to disappear during the 70’s. Some Diners, and delis are trying to keep The egg cream tradition alive. However, I don’t think that there are many people today keeping the drink popular. I have listed a few places that claim to still serve them.

The East Village is a great place to find egg creams with an Eastern European old world charm associated with them.

LITTLE POLAND 200 Second Avenue
VESELKA 144 Second Avenue 

RAY’S CANDY 113 Avenue A

A few others

  • SQUARE DINER 33 Leonard Street
  • LEXINGTON CANDY SHOP 1226 Lexington Avenue
  • NEIL’S COFFEE SHOP 961 Lexington Avenue
  • 3 STAR COFFEE SHOP 541 Columbus Avenue
  • LANSKY’S OLD WORLD DELI 235 Columbus Avenue
  • TOM’S RESTAURANT 2880 Broadway


Before planning a visit to NYC you should check to see what stores and/or restaurants are open. Also, realize that most will only have outside seating.

If driving into the city be aware that there are fewer on street parking due to the use of some spaces for restaurant use.

Note that major tourist areas may have limitations but places like Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park and Central Park are all open-air spaces.

Author: thom bradley

I am an educator who has worked in Woodstock NY, Rhinebeck NY, Salisbury CT and who has lived in Rhinebeck, Wilmington NC and New York City. I have been interested in photography since the '60s. I enjoy walking as a hobby and have taken quite a few pictures during these strolls. I share some of these adventures on or I

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