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NYC – South Street Seaport – A rainy day walk

NYC – South Street Seaport – A rainy day walk

Winter weather turned mild and ushered in a light rain. Not really “cabin fever” but just a chance to get outside and not freeze had me take another look at the South Street Seaport area. Purposely, I stayed away from the major tourist attractions and mainly stayed within two blocks of the seaport.


SSS is a nice walk from the Staten island Ferry Terminal. You can walk up Pearl Street to Anne Street – take some time to go a block east and west for some interesting buildings. (See if you can find Stone Street?) You could walk up Broadway and then go east on Wall Street down to South Street. Taking a walk in this area is worth the time spent downtown.


The seaport is still undergoing reconstruction but there is still a section that has restaurants, clothing stores and specialty shops. However, I elected to just walk around the immediate area. It was a Saturday and there were not many people as would be during a work day. I found it very relaxing to be able to just wander around and feel like I was alone.


 Some of the photos above were taken around 85 Broad Street and Stone Street. I add the following article about this location.  may be of interest.

Lower Manhattan has a lot to offer as a destination as the history of NYC begins in this location.

Governor Lovelace’s tavern (later called King’s Tavern) was located in what is now the Financial District in lower Manhattan. The original foundation walls of the former bar can be seen through a glass window in the sidewalk at 85 Broad Street, located about 100 feet away from the Fraunces Tavern. If you’re familiar with the neighborhood, you’ve most likely walked past it (or on top of it) without so much as a second glance.


Oh, don’t forget to treat yourself

I have included a few of my previous blogs below.

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