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NYC – Lower Manhattan – Louis Vuitton Exhibition -a must see.

Louis Vuitton Exhibition

If you are in the area – Lower Manhattan   —– it is a must see.

Located at 86 Trinity Place and next to the Trinity Church and walking distance from the 9/11 Tribute Museum, Wall Street, The Charging bull Statue to name only a few. Hours open

Yesterday I went to the Lois Vuitton Exhibition –  It was one the best curated shows I have seen this year. It certainly demonstrates how the wealthy traveled but it also leaves you inspired to travel.

It should be no surprise that the show is about the evolution of luggage. Throughout you will see the use of canvas and wood with a very distinctive pattern. There are flat trunks, wardrobe trunks all set within exceptional displays. Did you ever know of so many kinds of trunks?

There is so much to see that I walked through the exhibit twice. I took so many photos that couldn’t decide which ones to put in the blog. I decided to add some to the  end. Also, I decided not to explain each photo – better for you to visit and see each them in context with the display they are set up in.

(Note: click on photos to enlarge)



One of the rooms was set up like a train car. Here is a video of my walking past the display. Sorry for the quality.



Extras,  if you are up to it  (Click to enlarge)

B/W Photos

Cases for hairbrushes and cosmetics – sorry for the noise

Odds and Ends


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