NYC – The Explorers Club -worth a visit


The Explorers Club

Walking to Central Park along  east 70th Street.  I was intrigued by the façade of a building that looked like it was Elizabethan England. I Crossed the street to have a better look and peered through the heavy metal door. Inside, it looked like a private club all wood and leather chairs. Also there were all kinds of interesting items hanging from the walls. Of course it didn’t dawn on me to look at the nameplate on the door before looking – The Explorers Club.



I hesitated a moment and then opened the door and was met by a very friendly receptionist. I asked if the club was open to the public and she said it was a private club but that I could visit the  first two floors. What a treat, I was about to become a faux explorer for a few hours!



What is the Explorer’s Club?

Founded in New York City in 1904,  the private Explorers Club promotes the scientific exploration of land, sea, ai, and space by supporting research and education in the physical, natural and biological sciences. The Club’s members have been responsible for an illustrious series of famous firsts: First to the North Pole, first to the South Pole, first to the summit of Mount Everest, first to the deepest point in the ocean, first to the surface of the moon—all accomplished by members. Members must have participated in some form of scientific exploration. The club is filed with souvenirs you won’t find anywhere else, such as an Explorers Club Flag Carried on the moon, a taxidermied Siberian polar bear and a ship’s bell from Admiral Byrd’s expedition.

Upon entering, I had the feeling that I was entering an old estate in England… Tudor. Jacobean and wood everywhere!


Members Lounge

First floor foyer



Second Floor

The Clark room is the largest in the building where the walls are covered with noteworthy flags. One of these flags is taken to the Gobi Desert by paleontologist Roy Andrews. – I mention this because he was the inspiration for the movie “Indians Jones”.



The Library Room



There are still four more floors but they are not open to the public.

Als0, one block awayfrom Central Park and the Frick Museum.

3 comments on “NYC – The Explorers Club -worth a visit

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  2. Wow! I had no idea such a place exists. Now I’m very intrigued by the thought of what must take place on the private floors. Secret explorer meetings? It sounds like something out of a movie! The building looks gorgeous, too.

    I so much wanted to sneak up the stairs but…didn’t. Thanks for the reply


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