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NYC – Endangered Bird Murals

Every year, during May, Jane’s Walks organization puts together free walks throughout the boroughs of New York City. One that caught my eye was a walk in the northern Manhattan neighborhood of Hamilton Heights and Washington heights. It is a project that is attempting to create 314 murals of endangered birds. It is called the Audubon Mural Project.

This was a walk I wasn’t sure I was going to do. However, I am always looking to go for a walk, so I went!  However, there were so many people who had the same idea that I created my own walk.

Most of my walk was from west 144th Street to west 158th Street along Broadway. I may have missed some along the way but I have included a web site, at the bottom,  that does a great job of showing off the murals.

First the area in question is in section of Manhattan that is old and which has a rich cultural diverse population.  Broadway is a typical city street with shops of all kinds along the way

Many of the buildings on the side streets are filled with very nice brownstone buildings while Broadway has a mix of apartment buildings.


The most well-known section is around west 155th Street. Here is the famous Trinity graveyard where many well know dignitaries are buried.

John Audubon   Ed Koch   Clement Moore   Jerry Orbach

Also, a fabulous museum at the Audubon Terrace – Hispanic Society of America should not be missed. It is now closed for renovation but something to be put on your future visit to NYC.

If you are coming to NYC for the first time, this is a walk that I recommend you take virtually. This is far from the normal tourist areas and the placements of the birds are somewhat hard to find. The web site below is excellent and will show much more than this brief look at the murals.

This web site has a better view of the birds. Click here

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