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NYC – French Cartoons

The Cooper Union exhibit, which just closed, featured a selection of French comics, presented through images highlighting the role of architecture in both the design and narrative style of Franco-Belgian comics.

Let me begin by acknowledging my total ignorance of French-Belgium Comics and my inability to read or speak French. So then why did I enjoy this exhibit? I was fascinated by the look of the characters and the graphics of the comic strips. Had I been able to read French I am sure I would have enjoyed them even more.


Two friends that probably would make the following a much better read are

Todd Dezago an American comic book writer. Todd is best known the creator-owned fantasy series Tellos. Note, I believe it is now being published in France.
 Theadora Brack an author and writer living in Paris, Theo takes her readers on a spree where they’ll get to experience “another Paris” Often finding very interesting and not-so-well-known photographs and stories.
Contrary to the USA, comic strips in France are not considered a minor form of entertainment you present to children or you read on the train. They are seen as a form of literature and treated as such. In French comic strips or cartoons are called “Bandes Dessinees” in short BD


A Franco-Belgian story : there is a long tradition of co-production of comic strips between France and Belgium and it’s hard to tell which cartoonist or which publisher is one or the other.




I offer the following images for you to look at and enjoy. I decided not to add any narrative as it would only be copying from Google.



Pierre Culliford, known as Peyo, was a Belgian comics artist, perhaps best known for the creation of The Smurfs comic strip.

img_4290 img_4281 img_4277



img_4289 img_4286 img_4280 img_4288








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