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NYC – Puerto Rican Parade

update …The parade is still great… June 12, 2016… STILL TIME TO GO!

I am always amazed at the number of families that turn out to watch this parade. It is the loudest, most-colorful and lively parade in the city. The people  take a lot of pride in their heritage. The parade is full of celebrities, marching (dancing) people and trucks – loaded with people. It is a “fun” parade.

I captured some of the spectators as they enjoyed the day. The parade pictures you can find in newspapers or on the internet (they are often better than the ones I can get).

pr parade 2014 (7)

Really into the Theme


pr parade 2014 (2)

Homemade hat








pr parade 2014 (53)

Thirsty after the parade

pr parade 2014 (10)

Happy Family

pr parade 2014 (1)

Plenty of policemen around



pr parade 2014 (21)

Show your flag








pr parade 2014 (22)

Lovely models




pr parade 2014 (26)

Supporting Puerto Rico



pr parade 2014 (29)


pr parade 2014 (31)

Trying to see the parade

pr parade 2014 (38)

The little one joins the family

pr parade 2014 (52)

The “young” look

pr parade 2014 (42)

Sure get thirsty watching a parade

pr parade 2014 (25)

Tiny ones need a boost

pr parade 2014 (14)

Brooklyn represented






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