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NYC – Sotheby’s – At Home Designer SHowcase


At Home designer show house  Sotheby’s

If you follow my blog you know that,occasionally, I drop into Sotheby’s Auction House. It is a living museum that is free. Also, I write and show photos because it in an out-0f-the-way location. I imagine most readers will never get to visit this part of Manhattan East 72nd and York Avenue).

While you may not visit Sotheby’s, I encourage you to visit other Auction Houses. A great opportunity to see some wonderful things, from private collections,  that can never be seen anywhere else. One convenient one is  Christie’s at Rockefeller  Center. You can find other ones here.


What I found at Sotheby’s

It is always exciting to walk through a show house and see firsthand the interiors created by notable designers.

Twelve interior design firms from the tri-state area and the west coast will converge at Sotheby’s to curate twelve different rooms of a house that offer fresh perspectives on the art of home decor.





sothebys_at Home (28)








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