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The Magic Flute – Opera _ NYC Public Library – Performing Arts -Lincoln Center

Magical Designs for Mozart’s Magic Flute is at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts (Lincoln Center) until August 27, 2016




Let me begin by confessing that I have never attended an opera.



 I happened to be on my way home from the Time Warner Building (earlier blog) and stopped in to The New York Public Library at Lincoln Center. They always have interesting exhibitions – the last one was Frank Sinatra this one about a famous opera.



The Mozart Opera – The Magic Flute.


Helped by brochure and Internet, it is a story about a quest for love, light and wisdom, in a world where nothing is what it seems. There is a malicious serpent and an evil sorcerer who is holding the beautiful princess captive, a dark queen with manipulative motives and three testing trials of his courage and virtue.




The exhibit has some very colorful costumes as well as wonderful pictures of 18 different productions over several years. I enjoyed looking at the costumes and can only guess it to be a show that can only be called “eclectic”.





I have no background to describe the photographs. However, I got a feeling that this might be an enjoyable first opera for me. Who knows?

Spoiler Alert: The Opera begins with a Prince being pursued by a menacing snake but is saved by three ladies who kill it.

The opera ends with the Prince being welcomes into the Temple of Light – victory over darkness is celebrated.

One comment on “The Magic Flute – Opera _ NYC Public Library – Performing Arts -Lincoln Center

  1. Thank you for the great pictures.


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