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NYC- In the shadow of ST. John the divine Cathedral – Notre Dame Church



In the shadow of St John the divine cathedral – Church of Notre Dame – worth the visit.

Many people read about and then visit the Many St John the Divine Cathedral. However, you may not realize by taking a short walk ( just a few blocks) there is a very unique Chapel – Church of Notre Dame.

This chapel that has an impressive French neoclassical exterior and is equally matched with the interior that boasts an unusual feature

 a replica of the grotto in Lourdes France,

where in 1858 Saint Bernadette was said to have witnessed the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary.It rises several stories behind the main altar.


It feels as if the church has been built directly into the side of a moIMG_2136_bloguntain, although this grotto was built inside after the church was completed.


The church continues a link to the grotto at Lourdes. The NYC church is an outlet for Lourdes’s  water You can order bottles of water by making an offering to cover the shipping.

West 114th Street and Morningside drive






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