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NYC – Library Walk – a good place to look down.

Library Walk


Walking in NYC can be fun and often leads you to find something different and new. Many of us are busy looking up, at our urban mountains,  but if you look down on East 41st Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues, you’ll find 96 bronze plaques embedded in the sidewalk. These blocks are dedicated to plaques that contain poetry, quotes and other pieces of literature. It probably isn’t new to many but for me, it made my day.



The best time to walk is on the weekend. You’ll find quotes from 45 writers, from 11 countries, spanning 20 centuries. Each is illustrated with images inspired by the text from the likes of Mark Twain, Langston Hughes, Albert Camus and Dylan Thomas.



I walked up towards the library from Park Avenue (actually, I was at
Grand Central and for some reason decided to forego 42nd street and walk towards the library on 41st.

Also, it may be the only street where you don’t mind people stopping and partially blocking the sidewalk.






Here are a few  photos.







One comment on “NYC – Library Walk – a good place to look down.

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