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NYC – Times Square – did you know about these ?


i times colorful

Many of us when we visit Times Square we marvel at all the neon, billboards and sounds of the thousands of people in the square. 

Here are a few things that are fun to find and know about.

What is so unusual about the NE corner of 45th Street and 7th Avenue?

mller shoe store

Miller Shoe Shop

Look up at the old “Shoe” building and see the statues of: “ Drama “ “ Comedy “ “ Film “ “ Opera” dating from 1929. It’s probably one of the few things that has not been torn down. You can also see four statues representing women in the arts, modeled after clients of I. Miller. Drama is represented by Ethel Barrymore as Ophelia; Musical Comedy is represented by Marilyn Miller as Sunny; Opera is represented by Rosa Ponselle as Leonora; and Motion Pictures are represented by Mary Pickford as Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Did you notice the little plaque at 43rd and Broadway.

I came across a plaque at the base of a skyscraper at 43rd and Broadway in Times Square that indicated that Eugene O’Neill was born on that site. Really not the same building Back in 1888 the place was the Barrett House – a small family style hotel. Who knew?

I will let you find it.

Why this building is so special?

1501 Broadway, also known as the Paramount Building, is located between West 43rd and 44th Streets, It once housed the Paramount Theatre.

The building is known for its large four-faced clock near the top of the pyramidal architectural feature. Look carefully and you will see that the hours are denoted by five-pointed stars (forming a circle of stars and topped by an ornamental glass globe –  You have seen these stars every time you have watched a Paramount Picture, they are part of their corporate logo.

Have you walked by these two statues?

george cohan times s

George Cohan

  1.         What, a Congressional Medal for a song?


The answer is on the statue




Father Duffy

Father Duffy

A Hero priest from a movie?


Father Duffy was a military chaplain and priest in the Times Square area. 






Do you recognize this building?

4a06899a.preview longacre sq









How about now?












Is this the ideal place to have your business?

1 Times Square. It seems that the building is empty except for a ground floor store and office. They make their money from billboards on the outside of the 25 story building.It is also the year-round home of the New Years Eve Ball.

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