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NYC – Wild Things – Maurice Sendak – Sothebys – Free



Max arriving at the Island

Wild Things

The Art of Maurice Sendak


Sothebys has on exhibition  preliminary and finished drawings, artwork for posters, theatrical sets and costumes, and more from Maurice Sendak.  His  world recreated at the gallery  is at once playful, inventive, subversive, and, above all, wild.



A Brief Author Bio

Maurice Sendak (1928-2012), author of many beloved works including Where the Wild Things Are (1963) and In the Night Kitchen (1970), has captivated our imaginations for decades by creating immersive and distinctive literary worlds. The exhibition is open through December 18, 2015.



Moishe and Bernard



New York is Book Country



Watercolor for JewishBook Monthly



IBBY Congress 1990



Wild Thing Eyes


A Tabletop Cow (Moo-Reese



Love for Three Oranges – Armchair

A closing thought: Many of the places I visit may not your “cup-of-tea”.

My blog is just reminding  us to enjoy what is around us.

What is in your neighborhood ?

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