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NYC – Fall in Central Park -Metropolitan Museum Area

Fall in Central Park

oct_31_15_central park (16)_the Met

The front of Metropolitan Museum

I was near the Metropolitan Museum (5th Ave/ 84th Street) when I got thinking that many people who visit the Museum may not know what is behind the building. So here are a few photographs from the park, I started from 5th Avenue and east 84th Street through the park ending at the other end of the museum at east 79th Street.


Usually peak fall foliage in Central Park occurs towards the beginning of November. There are many other Blogs that will give you information about the more well-known locations. They were taken November 2nd.

There is a playground at the corner of 5th Ave and e 84th street where these little creatures are at the entrance.

To the rear of the museum walk over the roadway and take a path to your left

You will  pass the Obelisk, nicknamed Cleopatra’s Needle. It is the oldest man-made object in Central Park, and the oldest outdoor monument in New York City.

oct_31_15_central park (29)_oblesk


A little further down the path and you come to Turtle Pond -named in honor of the large number of turtles that reside there along with numerous species of birds, fish, frogs, and dragonflies.

Looking behind you (at the pond) The King Jagiello Monument  will be protecting you.


Then you can head out of the park at East 79th Street. (Bus stop just to your left)

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