NYC – Wooden Toys -Did you play with them?

Here is your chance to see wooden toys from early on to now.

Bard Graduate Center Gallery

September 18, 2015 – January 17, 2016


This has to be another one of the often missed treat of visiting New York City.


While I was checking out Central Park’s foliage, I decided to walk over to Broadway via west 86th Street.  I noticed IMG_0258toysa poster about wooden toys on this small brownstone -18 West 86th Street (between Columbus and Central Park West).


The gallery is small and covers three floors (elevator). The exhibit is well planned and I enjoyed following the progression of farm toys to the most professional. There is a suggested fee of $5 and $10 but you can pay what you want.



There are more than 300 playthings dating from the 17th to the early 21st century. For anyone interested in antique toys a visit will be full of nostalgia. It would also be fun to show your children or grandchildren toys from a time when there was comparatively simple objects for children’s entertainment.



I really enjoyed looking at all the toys and reading the the descriptions of them.

Not going? Here are additional photos

2 comments on “NYC – Wooden Toys -Did you play with them?

  1. An unusual place to visit, Thom, but well spotted. How beautiful the old toys are – not a digital tablet in sight!


  2. So right, wooden toys for the imagination of children.


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