Open air high rise – south of NYC – available – original Fredericksburg VA Renaissance Fair.


Internet photo

Well.  Actually about 300 miles south!

– Found during a walk in Fredericksburg Virginia –

This is but one structure left of the original Fredericksburg VA Renaissance Fair. The faire was built by Disney after being rebuffed on a Civil War theme park, they were the silent backers and they gave the management “X” years of funding and that was it, after that it was supposed to be self-sufficient.

They attempted to create the illusion of a bustling feudal port. Multiple buildings were erected in the style of medieval European architecture with towers and improbable buildings on stilts. There was even a replica sailing ship sitting in the small pond on the lot, where performers would put on small shows and entertainments.

Unfortunately the swampy land and muggy climate proved a bit too much for the normal ren-fest crowds and after just two seasons of waning profits, the faire shuttered its gates and abandoned the regal site as it stood.

Brave soul that I am, I ventured into the woods to find what building might be left. High grass, many bugs and large signs – No Trespassing – kept me on my guard. I managed to get a few photos without being arrested, bitten to death or lost in the woods..

This abandoned Fredericksburg Renaissance Fairgrounds is now a piece of history, it’s in a horrible state of decay, and if no one knows about it and learns of its existence it’s at risk of complete and total destruction. Should you venture out to the fairgrounds, douse yourself in bug spray as the area is a notorious breeding ground for ticks. The area is posted with No-Trespassing signs. Oh yeah, and wear orange if you visit during hunting season.

While finding this was a surprise to me, I was amazed at the amount of web information there is about the Fredericksburg VA Renaissance Faire.

I hope this brief look at history will prompt you to get out there and walk – you never know what you may find! Note: Even if on vacation.

Extra Note: George Washington’s mother once owned the land here, because pretty much everything in Virginia was owned by the Washington’s at some point. The area itself is called “Sherwood Forest,” because duh! The Ren-Faire was in operation from 1996 until it tanked from low ticket sales in 1999. The property has been decaying ever since.

4 comments on “Open air high rise – south of NYC – available – original Fredericksburg VA Renaissance Fair.

  1. What a great find! Shame it has been left to decay – looks like a case of mistaken location. Here in the UK we still have hundreds of original medieval buildings available to see and visit. How lucky we are.


  2. I agree. Some articles said it did make a profit and could have stayed a viable project…sad.


  3. Glad to see you still exploring Thom…. Great photos…


  4. THanks… hope all is well.


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