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NYC – In plain sight but a Hidden Public Space – 5th Avenue – Windows -Bendel

Bonus hidden gem at end of article

Some NYC building have public spaces within them. I guess that it is because of a unique feature or that the developer received a variance if they included a garden, park or public space. Much of the public are unaware of these but the following will be a treat for both those of you who like to look at upscale fashion but also to see some beautiful windows and murals. I didn’t photograph the merchandise but it is outstanding… you should walk through the entire store – look without buying is best!

The following a store that should be looked into. It has a public space and they are used to people coming in and looking around.

  • Henri Bendel, established in 1895, is an American upscale women’s specialty store based in NYC that sells the Henri Bendel brand of handbags, jewelry, luxury fashion accessories, home fragrances and gifts. Its flagship NYC store is located at 712 fifth Avenue.

5th ave_windows_Bendal (19)_fb


Imagine, inside this wonderful store is a Public Space…

5th ave_windows_Bendal (1)_fb



During renovation of the Coty building, 276 “masterwork” panes of glass commissioned from Rene Lalique in 1912 were restored. The glass fills three large windows that comprise the front of the second, third and fourth floors of the Henri  Bendel flagship. Upon the store’s opening in 1991, it received landmark status from the city’s Landmark Preservation Commission..

Here are a few of my extra photos from inside the building.



The Ford Foundation Building (320 East 43rd Street) is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside and is an ideal escape for New York nature lovers. The building’s lush, indoor garden, abundantly oozing over the sides of the brick walkways, creates a serene atmosphere and is the perfect place to stop in and snap a few cover photos when you’re in the neighborhood.

ford building eAST 43

(Photo Credit:  Rian Castillo )

One comment on “NYC – In plain sight but a Hidden Public Space – 5th Avenue – Windows -Bendel

  1. These windows will be high on my list of things to do when I get to New York. Thanks for the tip Thom.


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