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NYC – Little Italy – Murals

It is always fun to visit Little Italy and China Town. I find that every new trip brings with it  unexpected things to see and do. Also, I often find  places I  have missed during my  last trip.

My Blog tries to provide you encourage you to get out and walk…
while the  images of NYC  hopefully helps you to find what is in your  neighborhood.
Have you looked lately?


Little Italy Murals

Little Italy and the surrounding area is coming alive with views of art that ranges in scale, style, and intention. While often somewhat hidden there is a good  mix of commissioned and illegal works that can be found. Recently, several new murals have been painted on Mulberry Street.  I encourage you to take  a stroll down Mulberry Street, a weekend Pedestrian Mall, it is a wonderful experience as it is the heart of Little Italy.


full tiger




mrals little italy (22)



The following two are hard to miss. I leave any feelings about these to myself but my grandson thinks they look like “ugly” babies.



These three were scattered around the area

mrals little italy (7)


mrals little italy (8)


mrals little italy (3)

Some others that you may have missed

One comment on “NYC – Little Italy – Murals

  1. Unfortunately there are no scenes of Italy or Italian American culture depicted in Little Italy in Manhattan. While the artwork appeals to many, I prefer that the richness of Italian heritage and culture be on display as is the case in San Diargo’s Little Italy and in Baltimore.

    Bill Russo


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