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NYC – A block on Elizabeth Street (Little Italy)

This blog contains three parts – The Park, The Shops & Galleries and Trivia 

The Park

There is a small park – Elizabeth Street Gardens – on Elizabeth Street , between Prince & Spring streets (Little Italy) that is very unusual. While not open all the time it is a great place to have lunch (bring your own) or picnic or sit in the shade. You will be surrounded by statuary of all kinds. Oh by the way, it is free. Check here for when open.



The Elizabeth Street Gallery, open to the public in a park like setting, contains a variety of ornamental stonework, some of it depicting mythological figures







Shops and Galleries

Some people think that the boundary between Chinatown and SoHo is mid-block between Kenmare and Spring,  Today, you can see a noticeable upscale look to galleries and shops north of Kenmare.

As I walked up Elizabeth Street I wondered why anyone would walk  north on this street. Mott Street its Parallel neighbor seems to get more pedestrian traffic. I am glad I did though, These  two blocks just South of Houston seems to be quite alive and quite trendy.


Carved, painted and lettered shingle signs that hang over the sidewalk are becoming popular in the neighborhoods where the hip people go,


 galleries, shops and restaurants on street level.




Elizabeth and Hester may be the only intersection in Manhattan where both streets are women’s first names, though Hester isn’t used much anymore.

One comment on “NYC – A block on Elizabeth Street (Little Italy)

  1. Beautiful summertime post, Thom! I’m adding Elizabeth Street Gardens to my must-see list in New York City. Ah, I’ve never been there. Such pretty shots. And of course, I love your window shopping series!
    (Hester. What a great name!)


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