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NYC _ Trivia – 2015 addition

How many lakes in Central Park?

Actually lakes are called waterbodies, as they are man-made. Answer and more below.


How Many” Things Do You Know About Central Park?
1. How many bodies of water are there?
2. How many benches?
3. How many bridges?
4. How many sports fields?
5. How many movies have featured Central Park?
6. How many tennis courts?
7. How many playgrounds?
8. How many trees?
9. How many horses in the Freidman Carousel?
10. How many restaurants?
11. What is the oldest structure in Central Park?
12. For easy access to Central Park where’s the best place to stay?
Trivia Answers:

Note: Tavern on the Green has been renovated but is open.

One comment on “NYC _ Trivia – 2015 addition

  1. Gorgeous gallery, Thom! I also loved the pop quiz. Especially the bench count!


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