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NYC – Enjoy a NYC Street Festival

Part of a NYC experience should include either a Street Fair or Festival (links at end of article). The month of May usually begins  the season and it continues throughout the summer and early fall.  The Festivals are quite colorful as they showcase music as well as performers. Of course, each festival will have  the street lined with booths selling everything from clothing, folk art and food.



This past weekend I visited the Ukraine… actually the 39th Annual St. George  Ukrainian Festival, on 7th Street between Second and Third Avenues. The festival    celebrates the traditions of a culture that was once the largest demographic in the  East Village.




This is a small event just one block long but it packed with all kinds of activities. Many of the children were in native costumes.IMG_8768






Most ethnic festivals are full of color and thing to buy, the Urkainian Festival was no exception

Almost every Festival has a stage and they present entertainment specific to their culture.

                                 (First time trying a video)    click here    Video clip


Here are some links to information about Street Fairs and Festivals






and a tip from Laura C.




Click here for bus and subway info)



One comment on “NYC – Enjoy a NYC Street Festival

  1. I enjoyed through your photos 🙂


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