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The Staten Island Ferry is an attraction fit for young and old, New York first-timers and those who have lived here for years.But it’s a real treat for those on a budget.The ferry, which runs frequently enough that if you just show up, one is probably not far off, offers a wonderful view of the harbor and all it has to offer. These photos show you how lovely it is on a sunny day.


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img_4262_ferry city

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However, the other day I took a round-trip during the early evening hours. It was a very foggy evening and the mist painted all the sites an eerie grey. Often, I remind us that walking (or taking a boat ride) can allow us to see things that we may have missed at previous times. The following photographs may illustrate this point as it seemed like I was shooting ghostly images.


Statue and City


liberty 1_pse11

Early Evening



lady 2_pse11

Late evening mist





lady 1_a_pse11

Late evening mist












Ellis Island





Lower Manhattan -late evening mist



Again, these photos are just part of my looking at things, sometimes for a second and third time, and find something different.

Advice 1: Take the ride on a sunny day.

Advice 2:

  • Some of the boats have seats on the benches on the borders of the boat, to overlook the harbor, grab one fast because they fill up quickly.


  • Take the ride back and forth if you wish. Each leg is half an hour. Switch sides so you views that the pricier trips offer, including the skyscrapers and bridges of lower Manhattan, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.


  • As it pulls in to Manhattan, take a walk up to the front of the boat and bring your camera – it’s a great view you won’t want to miss.
  • Even on a warm day, a jacket is recommended. It is windy on the ride..


  • The Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George, home of the minor league Staten Island Yankees is within walking distance of the Staten Island port of the ferry. On the Manhattan side you will enjoy Battery Park as it follows the Hudson River.


4 comments on “NYC – Staten Island Ferry

  1. It must be well over 50 years since I rode the ferry – one of those things my parents said you had to do at least once [we were from out on Long Island at the time]. Glad they took me, because I doubt I’ll ever be up there again.


  2. Great tips, Thom! Beautiful shots. I miss the Staten Island Ferry. It was a great commute. Perfect for reading the paper and gazing up at the Statue of Liberty. (Silly Q: Do you remember its cameo in Madonna’s Papa, Don’t Preach video?)
    Enjoy the weekend,


  3. No, I don’t not remember. However, I love the little notes you send… always great to learn something new and different..
    my best


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