NYC – Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows + Louis Vuitton + More


There are only a few major stores in NYC that create Christmas Windows. Bergdorf Goodman, I feel is the most creative of all the stores.The creative departments at Bergdorf Goodman created a set of windows celebrating the arts. For their main windows they settled on literature, architecture,theater, painting,music, dance sculpture and film.The literature window has been made entirely from fabric, soft sculpture and needlework. The architecture window has been built completely from paper and old blueprints. The theater window is a sort of apotheosis of neon.(2014)


Across 5th Avenue are two other stores of note –

Louis Vuitton


I thought these windows were interesting

↓(slide show)↓


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Finally made it to Sak’s. 

This year, Saks debuted a new Snowflake Spectacular, a 3-D light show that plays out across the department store’s exterior each evening.  Also, the windows depict an Enchanted Experience” boasting colorful scenes integrating LED lights, strobes, up-lights, video projections and music. The display, which showcases scenes from classic fairy tales with iconic New York locations as the backdrop.


 And, across the street… a Christmas Tree.


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4 comments on “NYC – Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows + Louis Vuitton + More

  1. I’m with you, Thom, on Bergdorf Goodman coming out tops for creativity. some great window-dressing talent on your NY streets.


  2. I’m late to the party, Thom! I know! I know! Every year I look forward to your New York City holiday vitrine report. Look at the crowds. Gorgeous windows. Gorgeous shots. I’m digging the outfits at B.G. and Saks Fifth Avenue. Especially the tutu in sea foam! The golden jumpsuit is also pretty darn spiffy. ~Theadora (And where’s Zara’s windows?! Wink. Happy New Year!)


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